About Us

The Warren Centre brings industry, government and academia together to create thought leadership in engineering, technology, and innovation. We constantly challenge economic, legal, environmental, social and political paradigms to open possibilities for innovation and technology and build a better future.

The Warren Centre advocates for the importance of science, technology and innovation. Our 30 years’ experience of leading the conversation through projects, promotion, and independent advice drives Australian entrepreneurship and economic growth.

Named in honour of Professor William Henry Warren, who became Australia’s first academic engineer at the University of Sydney in 1883, The Warren Centre provides independent advice on technology and innovation to government and to industry. We leap ahead of what people are thinking about today, and focus on the places where technology is taking society.

The Warren Centre promotes excellence in innovation through delivering collaborative projects, supporting and recognising innovators across the profession, and providing independent advice to government and industry.

Peter Farrell“During the past three decades, the Centre has raised a broad range of technological issues which could potentially have a significant future impact on both industry and public policy. The Centre has provided an excellent platform for debating how various technologies could impact our world, causing both industry leaders and politicians to reassess their often deeply-felt biases about what might unfold. ”

Dr Peter Farrell, Founder, Chairman and CEO of ResMed