At A Glance

Throughout the past three decades of operating, The Warren Centre has delivered many innovative projects through industry collaboration and support, which have advanced the discipline of engineering and related fields.

These initiatives have led to new approaches in Australian infrastructure, technology and engineering, providing greater links between government and industry with viable opportunities for wealth creation.

The Warren Centre continues to deliver projects that drive innovation for industry. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our current projects, other Warren Centre initiatives or to become part of the Warren Centre network.


How We Operate

The Warren Centre’s activities are initiated and performed via groups of motivated and committed volunteers who believe in its objectives and donate their time and talent to achieve particular outcomes.

Our extensive network of supporters allows The Warren Centre to respond appropriately to client and stakeholder needs and enables it to draw on a wide range of resources to create and service interdisciplinary teams.

These activities are guided by The Warren Centre’s voluntary Board of Directors and are supported by a small team of executive staff. The Warren Centre is grateful to its many friends and supporters for their continued commitment.


Our Objectives

The Warren Centre’s objective is to foster excellence and innovation in advanced engineering throughout Australia. It does this by:

  • stimulating the application and further development of new engineering technology
  • encouraging the integration of innovation and engineering technology into the development of Australia’s public policy and wealth creation
  • providing independent comment and advice to government and industry on these and related issues.

The Warren Centre helps to create wealth in Australia from technology.


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