Since 1983 the Warren Centre’s activities and projects have influenced positive change in the nation and helped to create wealth. Our activities are arranged into five areas of focus:

We are currently running the following active projects:

  • IP30: Infrastructure Productivity
  • PPIR: Professional Performance
  • Urban Reform
  • Low Energy High Rise
  • Speech Translation for Disaster Relief

    This project is developing a prototype mechanism of mobile speech translation for use during disaster recovery based on the Philippines regional Cebuano dialect. This initiative is expected to develop a system that can be adapted for any region and language to provide rapid, real-time translation which will be of vital assistance to aid agencies and first respondents in disaster situations.

  • Technology Roadmap

    This project will examine the electrical infrastructure for the future as it relates to transport, electricity, telecoms and residential homes. Findings will include the implications for Australia globally and in particular Asia.

We also have an archive highlighting some of the many successful projects that we have completed over the last 30 years. Browse our past projects archive.