Innovation Lecture Series

Innovation Lecture 2012

Dr Alex Zelinsky presenting the 2013 Innovation Lecture

The Warren Centre’s Innovation Lecture Series and our Innovation Hero Awards put successful Australian innovators in the public spotlight, showcasing innovation across the engineering universe. We are privileged to present an exemplary selection of Australian achievers, and to recognise great individual accomplishments in innovation.

The 2014 Innovation Lecture Series: Beyond Earth will highlight the significant role that Australia and Australians play in global space industries.

The main lecture will be presented by Enrico Palermo, VP Operations for The Spaceship Company/Virgin Galactic. It will take place between 2nd-9th September 2014, with the first lecture in Sydney on Tuesday 2nd September.

The Beyond Earth series will encompass a number of additional events throughout 2014, with themes including satellites and communications, earth observation systems, astronomy and space exploration.

You can view highlights from our Innovation Lectures on our Vimeo channel, or see below for more information on all topics: