Get Involved

The Warren Centre is always looking for people who believe in our goals and are willing to contribute their time, intellect, contacts or money to help us achieve them.

In May 1983, The Warren Centre was opened and Sir Alan Harris, our inaugural visiting Fellow, launched Marine Works for Bulk Loading, our first major project. It set a high standard and was a great start. Just over 25 years later, we are proud of a long list of achievements in many fields as diverse as high-performance computing, building fire and safety engineering, chemical storage, surface mining, underground space, energy management smart cards, managing the hi-tech enterprise, telecommunications, CAD, value-adding in manufactured products and the Medical Device Network.

These contributions have only been possible because the Centre has responded to real world issues and needs and so gained the active involvement and support of our diverse constituency from industry, commerce and the professions.

There are many ways in which you can participate in our activities: