The Warren Centre relies on the generous support of over 150 volunteers in addition to its staff who work on the Board or in the various Field of Endeavour, Activity or Project committees.

You can view current volunteer membership lists for all of our committees below:


Major Projects Committee

Graham Barclay Christian Marston
Frank Barr-David Alex Harrington
Malcolm Boyd (Chair) Robert Mitchell
David Cox Eduardo Nebot
Peter Cummins Peter North AM
John Doherty Lisa Peterson
Michael Dureau Mike Quinn
Edward Fyvie Hugh Ralston AM
Peter Gregg Andrew Ross
Janice Hirshorn Max Sherrard
George Hooper John Spence
Ron Johnston Ted Tooher
Christopher Kelsey Peter Walsh
Timothy Langrish Denis White
Alan Locke Chris Whitworth
Sandy Longworth Lin Ye
Murray Mansill Chris Vonwiller

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Malcolm Boyd Steve Cochard
Roy Chamberlain Andrew Collins
Alex Harrington John Croker
Hugh Outhred Mervyn Davies
Don Parkin Michael Dureau
Martin Poole (Chair) Bill Fitzgerald
Rolf Prince Stuart Frith
Bob Rollinson Edward Fyvie
Harry Schaap Jason Gergely
Peter Seebacher Allan Gillespie
John Sligar David Hood
Martin Thomas Clifford Hooker
Tony Vassallo (Sec) Terry Jones
Eriks Velins Peter Lansdown
John Wright Allen Lowe
Christian Marston George Maltabarow
Toshi Matsuo

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Technology & Sustainability

David Bainbridge Peter Fagan
Piers Brogan Suzie Jones
John Brooks Toshi Matsuo
Malcolm Boyd Alex Harrington
Andrew Collins Peter Millard (Sec)
Chris Davis Tom Pinzone (Chair)
Des Dent Hugh Ralston
Richard Dinham Bob Rollinson
Ken Dobinson Bob Smith
Dermot Duncan Don White
Michael Dureau

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Malcolm Boyd Toshi Matsuo
Stuart Cumming John Phillips
Michael Dureau Angus Robinson
Nick Fondas (Sec) Peter Seebacher
Ross Halgren Christopher Skinner
Alex Harrington John Spence
Peter Hitchiner Tony Strasser
Chris James Chris Vonwiller
Chris Janssen (Chair) Albert Zomaya
Philip Lark

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Manufacturing Materials & Construction

Caroline Bommer Michael Kirby
Malcolm Boyd Robert Lundie-Jenkins
Michael Burges Murray Mansill
Clyde Campbell Alex Harrington
Peter Cummins Mike Quinn
Mike Dureau Tony Strasser
Edward Fyvie Ted Tooher (Chair)
Bob Germaine Ramesh Watson
Peter Gregg Alan Wightley
Chris Janssen

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Ian Arthur Kathy Jones (Chair)
John Brooks Alex Harrington
Ross Coleman Susan Murray-Smith
Andrew Collins John Phillips
Michael Dureau Dan Stojanovich
Norm Himsley Peter Thompson
Bob Jackson

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Events & Awards

Frank Barr-David Alf Reichardt
Michael Dureau Andrew Ross
Fiona Hearne (Sec) Daniel Marie
John Lear (Chair) Alex Harrington
Rolf Prince

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If you would like to participate in any of our committees, send an email to