The Governors’ Program

What is the Governors’ Program?

The Governors’ Program is a Warren Centre initiative that has been operating since 1996. The Warren Centre Governors are highly successful executives from technology-driven organisations.

Brought together on a monthly basis for an intimate lunch, the Governors hear from industry leaders on topical issues, where they have the opportunity to discuss these issues and network.

Governors are invited into this unique network to explore the development and commercialisation of new technologies in a congenial environment. Our current Governors are drawn from organisations such as Qantas, ANSTO, Cochlear, Thales and Tenix.

Benefits of joining the Governors’ Program

The Governors’ Program affords the opportunity to regularly meet with leaders of industry leaders and be presented with an insider’s view into the issues confronting various sectors of engineering and related fields. Presentations are made over an intimate formal lunch that provides a unique opportunity for interactive discussions.

The Program allows some of the most established leaders and innovative minds in industry to mingle in a relaxed environment, and to present to the gathering the unique, innovative aspects of their respective businesses.

 “The Governors’ Program provides a unique opportunity to engage with leaders in technology companies. We are able to discuss each other’s approaches to fast changing global industries and practices, and to learn from each other various ways of addressing these” – Christopher Janssen, Managing Director GPC Electronics 

“Being involved in The Warren Centre provides the opportunity to be involved in many projects which feed directly back into the community, while at the same time facilitating continuous learning from the very experienced peers and professionals you will engage with …. Participation in The Warren Centre is certainly a journey of discovery.” – Michael Myers, Chairman at Re-Engineering Australia Foundation & Managing Director CONCENTRIC Asia Pacific  


“The Warren Centre is an engineering think-tank which bridges the spheres of engineering research, education, and industry application. The Governors’ Program provides an opportunity to network, which, if used wisely, results in commercial advantage for the Governors and their organisations. An eclectic speaker’s program, presented by industry leaders, provides insight into specialised initiatives and across core business themes including commercialisation, finance, staff retention and R&D”Dr John Nutt AM