Innovation Lecture Series


Professor Salah Sukkarieh presented the 2015 Innovation Lecture on the automated future

The Warren Centre’s Innovation Lecture Series and our Innovation Hero Awards put successful Australian innovators in the public spotlight, showcasing innovation across the engineering universe. We are privileged to present an exemplary selection of Australian achievers, and to recognise great individual accomplishments in innovation.

Our 2015 Innovation Lecture was presented in November 2015 by Salah Sukkarieh, Professor of Robotic & Intelligent Systems at the University of Sydney.

The lecture focused on how robotics and intelligent systems are coming together to transform industry – and how we can mix this understanding with human capability. It was introduced with a speech on innovation by the Assistant Minister for Innovation, the Hon Wyatt Roy MP.

The 2014 Innovation Lecture Series: Beyond Earth was presented by Enrico Palermo, VP Operations for The Spaceship Company/Virgin Galactic in September 2014, with an additional lecture in February 2015 from Professor Brian Schmidt AC FRS on Understanding our Universe.

You can view highlights from our Innovation Lectures on our Vimeo channel, or see below for more information on all topics: