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The Professional Performance Innovation and Risk Protocol (PPIR™ Protocol), developed by the Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering, defines the standard of performance of an engineering task which can be expected by employers, clients and other stakeholders.

PPIR sponsor logosRoll-out of the PPIR Protocol in Australian engineering offices is currently being undertaken with the support of many organisations in both public and private sectors, as well as industry associations.

The PPIR Project is now in Phase 3 of the overall project: Mobilising PPIR. The objective of the Mobilising PPIR project is to achieve widespread support of PPIR in the engineering industry and profession, by:

  • Promoting sponsorship of Mobilising PPIR;
  • Promoting adoption of PPIR by procurers of engineering products and services, including State and Federal government procurement agencies;
  • Promoting and supporting pilots and roll-outs of PPIR;
  • Collating and disseminating findings from the PPIR pilots and roll-outs;
  • Promoting certification where roll out of PPIR takes place;
  • Promoting adoption of PPIR in undergraduate and post-graduate tertiary qualifications;
  • Promoting adoption of PPIR by professional associations.

The Mobilising PPIR Project is supported by two project teams:


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PPIR Downloads

PPIR full report – The 64-page report which forms the basis of the PPIR Project (PDF, 2.46MB)
PPIR Protocol for Performance – A 3-page print-out of the PPIR Protocol for Performance and Guidelines (PDF, 987kB)
PPIR Protocol for Engagement – A 2-page print-out of the PPIR Protocol For Engagement (PDF, 66.4kB)
PPIR Overview – A 6-page overview of the background of PPIR, its objectives, strategy and benefits (PDF, 316kB)
The PPIR Project – A 4-page flyer on the background, Protocol structure and benefits of PPIR (PDF, 826kB)
A Blueprint for Improved Engineering Performance – A 2-page flyer on the benefits and progress of the Mobilising PPIR project phase (PDF, 265kB)
A New Performance Protocol – A 2-page flyer introduction to PPIR Protocol and its eight elements (PDF, 1.75MB)
Benefits of PPIR – A 2-page flyer of the benefits of PPIR (PDF, 0.99MB)