Nuclear energy for Australia?

Nuclear power is too important to ignore in any examination of Australia’s energy options, but attracts immediate questions about the implications.

Are nuclear power stations safe? What would we do with the wastes? Where would such power stations be located? How would they be cooled? Are they dangerously radioactive? Can they be the source of nuclear weapons? Is the regulatory environment adequate? On the other hand – Could they reduce emissions and help Australia meet its carbon reduction targets? Would they provide low-cost baseload power, able to charge low-emission electric vehicles at night? Would they provide high level secure jobs – and more?

ATSE-blueThe ATSE Nuclear Energy Conference will take place in Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum from 25-26 July 2013, in association with The Warren Centre, Engineers Australia, the Australian Nuclear Association, and the Australian Institute of Energy.

The conference will feature highly respected international and national speakers – representing the broad spectrum of opinion on nuclear power – to lead open debate in this two-day conference on the key technological, economic, social and environmental issues relating to nuclear power generation. There will be significant time for debate and key issues will be captured in a conference communiqué and a subsequent issue of ATSE Focus, the Academy’s bi-monthly issues magazine.

You can see more information including a full list of speakers on the ATSE’s event page, or you can register here.

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