2018 Innovation Lecture: Delivering the Future with James Chin Moody

On Tuesday 11 September 2018, The Warren Centre hosted our 23rd Innovation Lecture, an annual lecture series showcasing the global innovation race. We were greatly honoured to have James Chin Moody, co-founder & CEO of Sendle, speak at this year’s event.

The event was opened by Ashley Brinson, Executive Director of The Warren Centre, who delved into industry disruption and why speed is so important in innovation today. James Chin Moody presented, Delivering the Future: An Engineer’s Journey into Entrepreneurship. A passionate talk about the concept of innovation, the need for speed, and how to identify the next big thing in innovation.

“Take everything that’s currently in the natural world and one day, very soon, it will have a digital counterpart.” 

Through a powerful presentation filled with insightful advice, James stressed that timing is everything when it comes to innovation.

“Timeframes are important. Sometimes when something happens is just as important as what happens.”

James laid out his five big lessons for engineer entrepreneurs:

  1. Engineer everything: From marketing to product development, everything can be, and should be, engineered.
  2. 5 H’s (Humble, Honest, Happy, Hungry, High Performing): Building a workplace where every person fits within these 5 H’s, creates a culture that could outstrip any strategy.
  3. Love your problems:  Engineers are natural builders and problem solvers. It is important to know what your problems are and go through them all to solve them. Identify what the friction is in your system and create a solution.
  4. Understand your purpose:  Understand why you are doing what you are doing. It’s not enough to build a bridge, you’re building a bridge to connect a community.  
  5. Choose wisely. Start-ups all finish because they run out of time. The antidote to time is focus. Choose wisely to utilise the time you have.

Watch our video highlights from this year’s lecture below:


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Innovation Lecture 2018 is part of The Warren Centre’s series of collaborative events.

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