55 hours with no coal

The Industrial Revolution, backed by coal, revolutionised the world, and its epicentre was the UK. Examining the transformation of the UK power industry clearly shows how times have changed. Last week the UK, for the first time in its history, went 55 hours straight without any of its power plants burning coal to produce electricity. Most of the energy was generated through wind turbines, and Britain was an early adopter of the technology.

Deeply conscientious of the environment, where will Britain turn its imagination for the nation’s next planet-saving crusade? The UK government has indicated interest in banning single use plastics—drinking straws, stirrers, and plastic rod cotton swabs. This sentiment has been shared by many companies, cities and countries as The Prototype has reported over the last several months. The latest jurisdiction to take action is Malibu, California who are moving to ban single-use plastic bags.

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Image: Seagul / CC0-1.0 – Wind and solar

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