What We Do

Bringing People Together

The Warren Centre initiates forums in specific emerging industry segments that allow those industries to create a competitive advantage for themselves in Australia and overseas.

For example, the Smart Card Forum, the Photonics Forum and the Advanced Manufacturing Centre at ATP Innovations were formed to carry on the work initiated by successful Warren Centre projects.

The Centre provides a focus for services to, and debate on, early stage support of innovation. The Centre also led the formation of many SME business networks that are helping participants to prosper and some to succeed in exporting.


Informing People

Innovation Lecture 2012

Innovation Lecture 2012

The Warren Centre’s annual Innovation Lecture and regular Distinguished Lectures are presented to business and industry leaders by outstanding achievers.

The Centre holds round tables, conferences and seminars, which have explored such issues as intellectual property, fostering innovation, engineering risk and engineering mathematics. For instance, the Engineering Enterprise Growth Round Table series identified techniques in managing technology-based enterprises, and has helped stimulate industrial change in major regional centres.

The findings of our activities are published both in print and on the web for industry use. The website also operates databases for specific industries on company capabilities, and provides chatbox facilities for our project teams.


Exploring Major Issues

Our Fire Safety work led to changes in building codes in Australia and overseas.

Our Fire Safety work led to changes in building codes in Australia and overseas.

The Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering brings together leading edge people in a selected field of engineering technology to work as a project team on a major technology issues. These project teams:

  • Develop new insights and knowledge in a specific segment of technology
  • Accelerate a specific technology’s use by Australian industry

These activities impact on engineering practice and business enterprise, and often result in important breakthroughs in technology. We have several ongoing projects, at various stages of execution from inception to already having delivered significant benefits. Some particularly successful projects we have carried out in the past include:

  • Industrial Energy Efficiency – identified $8 million in participant savings and a $2 billion potential to cut Australian industrial costs
  • Photonics in Australia – identified segments of global opportunity for an Australian photonics industry, some of which are now being actively exploited
  • Underground Space – created an entirely new framework for the technical, legal and social issues with the use of  the 4th dimension in city planning
  • High Performance Computing – provided major stimulus to the investigation and adoption of high performance computing tools by industry
  • Fire Safety and Engineering – resulted in major changes to the Australian Building Code and prompted regulatory changes overseas
  • CAD/CAM – sped up the use of new techniques in Australian manufacturing industry.
  • Chemical Hazards – created new storage rules


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