Artificial intelligence: Overinflated employment downsides?

A new McKinsey Global Institute report shows that due to automation as many as 375 million workers will need to switch occupational categories by 2030, and their skillset will need to remain flexible to have a smooth transition.

Elon Musk warns that developing safe AI has “a five to ten percent chance of success,” particularly because there are only a handful of companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon that will control most of the AI and compete to finish a product with “little to no oversight”.

With this news breaking, EU research commissioner Carlos Moedas argues that nine articles out of ten on AI are “alarmist and panicked, sometimes even hysterical.” For Moedas, job loss and AI taking over the world are not pressing concerns, suggesting there would be time in the future to “take action to counterbalance abuse of the system”.

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Image: Colin/Wikimedia / CC-BY-SA-4.0 – Colourful AI

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