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Intelligent cities are the next wave of the digital age. The fusion of technology with “smart” infrastructure and services will streamline communications, lower costs, and improve standards of living. ...

What’s inside the innovators who deliver compassion & champion social change? Here are the components that make up the special anatomy of a successful humanitarian engineer....

CRISPR is a biomolecular editing tool that allows researchers to “engineer” genes in plants, animals, and humans. Here’s how gene editing has evolved over time....

In June, the City of Sydney council staff discovered that a third apartment building, in the suburb of Zetland, had been sufficiently damaged to trigger resident evacuation due to fears of fire danger or risk of collapse of the property....

The AustSTEM Foundation created the Kookaberry to tackle some of the challenges primary teachers face and to help them teach the new Technologies curriculum with confidence. ...

The entrance of such a massive and influential corporation such as Facebook represents a huge milestone within the cryptocurrency timeline. Whether it will spark a digital currency revolution or be the coin that breaks the market, here’s what you need to know:...

What happens when technology misidentifies a target or over-identifies people when they expect personal privacy? What happens when powerful governments or corporations use people’s face data to surveil and amass data?...

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