Will a robot take my job?

prototype-robot-job-lossRegional Institute Australia has published a study on the future of work and the relative vulnerability of jobs to automation across suburbs. In the report, regional cities were found to have the greatest proportion of jobs that are highly vulnerable to automation (28.1%), slightly more than the Australian average (26.5%).

Mount Gambier, SA has the highest fraction of highly vulnerable jobs. Although Mount Gambier has a diverse economy aimed at industry and services, the relatively large number of clerical and administrative workers places the area at risk due to susceptibility of jobs to automation.

Although regional cities are vulnerable to disruption, high numbers of new business start-ups and trademark registrations indicate a healthy capacity to create new jobs and new markets based on entrepreneurship and innovation skills.

Still, regional cities will need to adapt to change more rapidly than metropolitan suburbs.

North Sydney is Australia’s safest suburb with the largest proportion of low vulnerability jobs at 66% along with Ryde, Lane Cove and inner Sydney in NSW also in the top ten. Nedlands and Subiaco, WA; Melbourne, Yarra and Port Phillip, VIC; and Canberra round out the top ten list of low vulnerability cities.

What will be the high demand skills and jobs in 2030? The researchers say that jobs in highest demand will be high tech (specialist), high touch (practical/hands-on), and high care (personal).

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Image: The Warren Centre/Thomas Quine / CC-BY 2.0

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