Elon’s Battery: It works

Following the undeniable success of the first major battery installation in South Australia and after it reacted within milliseconds when an Australian coal power plant removed itself from the power grid, Victoria is now looking to hop on board.

Neoen and Tesla are teaming up once again for this project, with Neoen building a 204-MW wind farm that will support a 40-hectare Nectar Farms glasshouse nearby and may eventually support the grid in the future. Victoria’s energy minister Lily D’Ambrosio described the agreement as “a major step forward for communities, businesses and the renewable energy industry”.

The Northern Territory is also gearing up for a 25 to 45 megawatt battery that will support their target for 50% renewable energy by 2030.

In related news, Musk has announced plans to build an old school drive in restaurant and cinema at an Los Angeles supercharger location, which will have an in-car digital menu that pops up when the car is parked. This reflects his long term vision for providing an all-around service for Tesla owners.

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Image: Tesla – South Australian Powerpacks

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