The annual Innovation Hero Awards are an initiative of The Warren Centre, awarded for outstanding Australian innovations in engineering technology.


Innovation Hero Award winners receive the Innovation Hero Medal from The Warren Centre and the University of Sydney

The Innovation Hero Award program recognises people who bring great ideas to life and their role in driving economic and social progress.

It recognises Australian-based people or teams that successfully develop a new technology into a commercial product or service and who create great benefit for Australia. The program covers the whole spectrum of engineering and technology commercialisation in Australia.

Previous winners range from people at the cutting edge of academic physics and engineering who have successfully commercialised their discoveries, through research scientists and engineers in industry who have solved major problems, to serial inventors and entrepreneurs whose products have made a difference to everyday lives.

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Nominate your Innovation Hero now

If you know someone who deserves to be recognised as an Innovation Hero, please let us know right away.

The simplest way to nominate an Innovation Hero is using our online nomination form.

Alternatively, you can download a printable nomination form here (PDF, 100KB), fill it in on-screen or on paper, and email it back to us.

The awards are presented at our Innovation Lecture Series.


Innovation Heroes

The Warren Centre’s most recent Innovation Heroes are:

  • Ron Weinberger
    • Ron Weinberger led the team development and commercialisation of Nanosonics’ ultrasonic nano-nebulization Trophon EPR technology. This technology utilises ultrasonic nano-nebulisation to produce a sterilizing mist for high level disinfection in a device which is the first fully automated system for carrying out such disinfections.
  • Clyde Campbell
    • Clyde Campbell led the team development and commercialisation of Machinery Automation & Robotics’ Robotic Idler Changer. This technology is capable of replacing idlers on loaded, operational conveyors, providing mine sites with the ability to conduct predictive maintenance on conveyors in a safe environment without downtime.

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