The Warren Centre’s Innovation Lecture Series and our Innovation Hero Awards put successful Australian innovators in the public spotlight, showcasing innovation across the engineering universe. We are privileged to present an exemplary selection of Australian achievers, and to recognise great individual accomplishments in innovation.

Our 2018 Innovation Lecture, Delivering the Future with James Chin Moody, focused on how the world is experiencing non-linear change. We need to meld creativity and engineering excellence, and focus on the applications and the domain rather than solely the technical skills. The choice used to be between analytical vs creative – but these days it’s not an or, it’s an and. So how are we going to train the next generation of engineers to embrace this future? Read the summary and watch the video here!

marita cheng

Marita Cheng presenting the 2016 Innovation Lecture

Our 2017 Innovation Lecture, Shaping Tomorrow: Robots, 3D printing and virtual reality was presented by Professor Andrew Harris of the University of Sydney and Laing O’Rourke.  Andrew addressed the questions of where Australia’s engineering and construction capability is among massive technological change, and what it will take for us to be globally competitive.

Our 2016 Innovation Lecture was presented in September 2016 by Marita Cheng, founder of Robogals, 2Mar and Aipoly, and former Young Australian of the Year.

Marita discussed her experiences in the Australian tech world as an entrepreneur, engineer, and humanitarian – and considered how we can bring together businesss and engineering to develop technology solutions that change people’s lives. View video highlights / view Twitter highlights.

You can view highlights from our Innovation Lectures on our Vimeo channel, or see below for more information on all topics:


Professor Salah Sukkarieh presented the 2015 Innovation Lecture on the automated future

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