Beyond Earth: Innovation Lecture Series 2014


The Warren Centre’s 2014 Innovation Lecture Series, Beyond Earth, highlights the significant role that Australia and Australians play in global space industries.

Sub-orbital space exploration is opening up exciting new frontiers for space science. The main lecture event, which took place in Sydney, Canberra, Perth and Adelaide in September 2014, provided insights into how space tourism is evolving and the opportunities it can provide for new science and exploration.

enrico-with-baby-200x200The lecture was presented by Enrico Palermo, a young and dynamic Australian engineer responsible for running spaceship development activities for Virgin Galactic. Enrico talked about his journey from Perth to the Mojave Desert via University of Western Australia and the International Space University, and the future of space travel.

Find out more by watching the lecture highlights above, and also in the event booklet, which includes an essay by Enrico on the future of space travel (PDF, 3.25MB).

Enrico’s lecture featured on the Thursday 16 October 2014 edition of ABC Radio National’s Big Ideas program, which is available to download as a podcast or to stream online.

As Vice President of Operations for The Spaceship Company, Virgin Galactic’s spaceship building arm, Enrico leads operations for the world’s first company building a fleet of commercial manned spaceships. He directs and leads engineering, production, supply chain, quality assurance and business support functions for vehicle delivery at TSC.

The Beyond Earth series encompasses various events with themes including satellites and communications, earth observation systems, astronomy and space exploration. Nobel Prize winning Professor Brian Schmidt AC will give a presentation on Astronomy & Astrophysics in Sydney on Tuesday 10 February 2014.

Find out more about the background and aims of The Warren Centre’s Innovation Lecture Series.

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