Facial recognition ready for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

prototype-nec-face-recognitionJapanese IT giant NEC unveiled the facial recognition system to be used during the Tokyo 2020 Games. Built to identify 300,000 staff, athletes, volunteers and sports reporters for rapid and convenient access to the 40 different competition venues and facilities, the designers say it achieves 99.7% correct facial recognition regardless of the characteristics of users.

The Tokyo Olympics implementation will link one of Japan’s famous IC cards to authorise individuals’ entry based on the combination of the unique IC card alongside automatic facial recognition for fast access and increased security.

The NEC NeoFace AI engine is at the core of the system. Deployed in California for the September 2017 Ladies Professional Golf Association tournament, this is not the first application of NEC’s technology for an international sporting event. NEC has become an international specialist for biometric identification that boasts outperforming other algorithms in annual tests conducted by the US National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) in the Face In Video Evaluation (FIVE). The NIST tests are aimed for sports or airports scenarios.

In Australia, NEC’s facial recognition technology has been used by the Northern Territory Police Force to identify 300 individuals from photos and CCTV footage.

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Image: NEC / YouTube

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