Future Networks


Australia’s power distribution network faces not only the existing challenges of size, distance and climate, but also new ones in changing demand, multiple inputs and new load types. Critical issues include reliability, safety, congestion, regulation and cost.


The Future Networks project seeks to examine the future of Australia’s power distribution network, looking at the problems that the changing environment will create and the opportunities that these will create for industry stakeholders.

The power distribution network in Australia already has a wide range of stakeholders, including consumers, retailers, generators, regulators, state government and federal government. This is being made still more complicated by the increased use of new energy sources such as wind and solar. The infographic below shows the relationships between actors within the power distribution network (click for full size):


The project will build better understanding of how power distribution network needs are changing, and how these changes relate to and are driven by interactions between the multiple stakeholders. It will highlight the opportunities that the change in the industry is creating, for actors at all stages in the value change.

The eventual benefit of the project will be to reduce the long-term cost of power distribution network infrastructure by ensuring the right balance is reached between interests, thus reducing the cost of energy for consumers today.