How intelligent systems will transform the way we work & learn

The Warren Centre’s 2015 Innovation Lecture will be presented in Sydney on 17 November by Salah Sukkarieh, Professor of Robotic & Intelligent Systems at the University of Sydney.

Salah’s presentation will explain how robotics and intelligent systems are converging to transform industry – and how we can integrate robotics with human capability. What are humans good at, what are automated systems good at, and what does that mean for education?

Salah will speak about:

  • Agriculture: what will an autonomous farm look like?
  • Aerospace:drones, flight optimisation and the future of air travel
  • Driving: when will the self-driving car reach the masses?
  • Education: how will robotics transform the way we learn?
  • Mining:the future of autonomous operations

Discounted tickets are available for university and school students.

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