Intelligence at the edge

Japanese giants FANUC, Hitachi and Preferred Networks announced a new joint venture aimed to use artificial intelligence from cloud computing hardware to so-called “edge devices”.

The JV consortium aims to exploit new real-time operating efficiencies in industrial machinery and robotics. A prime example of IoT-enabled Industry 4.0, the joint press release described the objective to realise “Society 5.0”, a “human-centred society that balances economic advancement with the resolution of social problems….” The initial JPY30m (AUD$350k) capital is modest, but the partnership of robot specialist FANUC, general industrial conglomerate Hitachi, and IoT/deep learning specialist Preferred Networks has all the ingredients of a blockbuster collaboration.

It’s the sort of news update that might be broken by “Erica”, Japan’s female android from Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro’s lab at Osaka University. Erica will begin reading the news in April, possibly just in time to give an update on Society 5.0.

Read more: Nikkei Asian Review / Yahoo Finance / Preferred Networks / YouTube

Image: Mixabest / CC-BY-SA-3.0 – FANUC Robot Arm

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