The future, one invention at a time

prototype-university-networks-1000IP Australia has recently issued two patent analytics reports.

The overall 2017 Australian IP Report looks at intellectual property filings from all types. The agency declares that university-industry collaboration is not in a state of crisis and backs up that claim with a network diagram of patent and trade mark filings.

The story is not so great in advanced manufacturing, however. Global growth is observed in medical devices, electrical, mechanical engineering, transport, pharmaceuticals and chemistry patents.

Australia is growing most rapidly in medical devices, 10th place among 36 nations and a field of relative specialisation, but the nation lags major economies in the growth rates of all advanced manufacturing innovation.

CSIRO, UQ, Cochlear, USyd and ResMed are Australia’s leaders in advanced manufacturing inventions.

Read more: IP Australia overall report / Manufacturing report (PDF)

Image: Intellectual property networks between Australian institutions. By IP Australia / CC-BY 4.0

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