From robotics race to ‘created in China’

prototype-kuka-robot-1000Now that China white goods supplier Midea has acquired and integrated with German robotics leader Kuka, the newly merged automation leader says that it will double production capacity in China to fulfil the Made in China 2025 vision.

Kuka Robotics China CEO Andy Wen said, “China is going through the process from ‘made in China’ to ‘intelligent manufacturing in China’, and will enter the final phase of ‘created in China’, but during the process, Kuka needs more efforts to ‘increase its localization ratio’”.

In addition to Kuka’s own domestic plans, China is implementing its Robotics Industry Development Plan, a targeted five-year advanced manufacturing plan to acquire robotics technology, with aims to manufacture 100,000 industrial robots per year by 2020.

MIT Sloan robotics researcher Matt Beane says, “I’m sure there are lots of manufacturers in China who are focused on crushing the US, but it seems like China’s whole goal is to become self-sufficient”.

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Image: Industrial robot by Kuka / CC-BY-SA 3.0

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