Lessons for Australia from renewable energy in the EU

On Thursday 27 November 2014, the University of Sydney’s School of Biochemical & Molecular Engineering presents a Foundation Meeting on The Challenge of New Energies in the European Union: Lessons for Australia.

Europe’s embrace of Renewable Energy has led to fundamental changes in the European energy systems to the extent that some traditional sources of generation are now stranded. As Australia debates its own approach to energy reform and its Renewable Energy target, what lessons does the European experience hold and how can Australia avoid European mistakes?

International legal advisor Flavio Porro and Baker & McKenzie partner Martijn Wilder AM will present on the global energy challenges that Australia and Europe face, the international and inter-governmental organisations that play a crucial role in the future of Planet Earth, and will examine the lessons that Australia can learn from the EU most recent experience and challenges.

They will overview the targets governments have set, and look at a number of countries as case studies of targets for renewables, energy efficiency, and other measurable. The key conclusion: although Australia and Europe are in two different hemispheres, they are not really that far away.

The free event will feature drinks and finger food after the presentation. If you would like to attend, please contact Skender Bregu at skender.bregu@sydney.edu.au.

Download the event flyer (PDF, 435 kB)

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