Mumbai says bye-bye to plastic bags and straws

prototype-mumbai-plastics-1000The Indian state of Maharashtra, home of Mumbai and 114 million citizens, announced that it will ban single use plastic bags and plastic drinking straws.

Fines of Rs5000 (about AUD$100) for the first offence will be followed with Rs10,000 fines for a second offence. Three months prison could follow for a third offence.

The plastics industry is appealing to the High Court of India that the Pollution Control Board does not have the power to implement the ban that was originally announced in March this year.

In related news, US purveyor of Frappuccinos® and spiced pumpkin lattes, Starbucks announced it will voluntarily discontinue using plastic straws (1 billion per year) by 2020 in its 28,000 global stores.

Read more: Indian Express / NPR / NY Times

Image: Plastic recycling factory roof, Dharavi slum, Mumbai. By Cory Doctorow / CC-BY-SA 2.0

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