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Will Cold War redux be fought on cyber battlefield? 16 March, 2018 Tagged under: Department of Homeland Security, FBI, russia, Salisbury, Sergei Skripal, Spy, Theresa May, uk, Yulia Skripal - Tensions are high between Russia and the West after the poisoning of former UK spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury, England using the Soviet-manufactured, military-grade nerve agent known as Novichok. In the London Parliament on March 12, Conservative MP John Whittingdale described the attack as “hybrid warfare with Russia that includes disinformation, ... Read more
The greatest physicist of the modern generation passes away 16 March, 2018 Tagged under: Black hole, Einstein, ligo, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, quantum physics, Stephen Hawking - This week the world mourns the death of the great Stephen Hawking, but also celebrates his achievements and contributions to science. At age 21 having been diagnosed with ALS, Hawking was given just two years to live, but despite the odds he lived an extraordinary life to the age of 76. During his time, Hawking’s ... Read more
Sydney innovations: Hydrogen drones, FluroSat and nanotech security 16 March, 2018 Tagged under: Dr Omid Kavehei, drone, FluroSat, hydrogen, Nano, USyd - In a world first, a team of engineers from the University of Sydney have successfully motorised an unmanned aircraft flight with a hydrogen-powered propulsion system. The system is “triple hybrid” as it uses a hydrogen fuel cell, battery and supercapacitor combination. In another drone activity from the USyd cluster, startup FluroSat made news recently for ... Read more
Technology rules? Censorship, citizen ranking and Facebook filters 16 March, 2018 Tagged under: Censorship, china, citizen ranking, facebook - Platforms like Twitter and Facebook have faced a barrage of criticism for failing to apply standards to manage hate speech, harassment and bullying. This week Facebook deactivated the pages of the far-right Britain First group for inciting animosity and hatred against minority groups. As China ramps up its own Social Credit System whereby people’s behaviour ... Read more
Cows without horns, pigs without tails, and business without regulations? 16 March, 2018 Tagged under: dna, gene editing, Meat, Recombinetics, Trump, US FDA, USDA - Recombinetics, a gene editing company, and its partners have created black-and-white Holstein dairy cattle with no horns and male pigs that cannot complete their sexual development, yielding younger and more delicious pork chops. Despite the ability to do so, further development is at a standstill. The US Food and Drug Administration contends that it regulates ... Read more
Macro and micro: Plastics are everywhere 16 March, 2018 Tagged under: Lakes, Microplastics, Plastic straws, plastics, River, uk, US - The Prototype has continuously reported on the growing concern for saltwater plastic pollution over the last year, from supermarket bans on single use plastic bags and country-wide bans on fast-food plastic items to garbage covered coral reefs. This week, contamination has been quantified in fresh water bodies. “Microplastics”, plastics smaller than 1mm, are scattering across ... Read more
Virtual reality surgery 16 March, 2018 Tagged under: KUKA, meditech, Midea, virtual reality - KUKA, known primarily for its industrial robots, has released a concept video for surgical robotics including haptic feedback, seven axis arms, tele-surgical capability and virtual reality/augmented reality goggles. Originally established in Germany, KUKA was purchased by Chinese low cost appliance manufacturer Midea in 2017. Medical robotics featured prominently in the Appliance and Electronics World Expo ... Read more
Next gen nuclear innovation proceeds in Canada and America? 16 March, 2018 Tagged under: House, nuclear, NuScale Energy, Senate, Small modular reactors, Terrestrial Energy, US - As the entire world contemplates how to deliver a zero-carbon future, the US “all-of-the-above” energy policy is embracing renewed development of nuclear energy technology. The Nuclear Energy Innovation Capabilities Act which passed in the US Senate last week would give private companies the license to work with national labs on novel nuclear reactor designs. Two ... Read more
Autonomous Vehicles: Big money and big developments 16 March, 2018 Tagged under: autonomous vehicles, Lyft, Magna, Toyota, TRIAD - Toyota has largely been working in the shadows on its own autonomous vehicles project, but now the world’s largest carmaker has officially created a new sub-company committed to evolving their research into autonomous vehicle software systems. The Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development (TRIAD) is a subsidiary under the Toyota Research Institute, Toyota’s research organisation that has ... Read more
DIY cancer kits: Are they effective? 16 March, 2018 Tagged under: Bowel cancer, Breast cancer, cancer - Research released by Bowel Cancer Australia on Thursday, shows nearly 90% of people who returned a positive test through the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program waited 116 to 181 days to receive a diagnosis. Doctors with Bowel Cancer Australia are demanding action from governments to speed up the time to diagnose the country's second biggest ... Read more