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prototype-soyuz-iss Soyuz rocket fails on trip up to ISS 12 October, 2018 Tagged under: international space station, space exploration - A Russian Soyuz rocket with American astronaut Nick Hague and Russian cosmonaut Alexey Ovchinin aborted launch two or three minutes after blasting off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan when the booster rocket segment failed. Both crewmen survived a 6.7G emergency re-entry without a serious injury from the “ballistic landing”. Private space transport contracts have ... Read more
prototype-google-plus Google+ breach will terminate service 12 October, 2018 Tagged under: data security, social media - Early this week, Google announced that the user data from up to 500,000 accounts were possibly affected on its Google Plus service. Begun in 2011, Google+ was a social media platform that featured elements similar to Facebook. User engagement was low, and some commentators referred to the platform as a ‘ghost town’. However, under the ... Read more
prototype-sea-level-ipcc Dire warnings from IPCC report 12 October, 2018 Tagged under: climate change, environmental regulations - Heat waves, rising sea levels, severe rain events with flooding and mass migrations due to human displacement are predicted in an updated UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report on climate change. 90 scientists contributing to the IPCC report warn that human activities have already caused 1.0C rise in temperature and are expected to ... Read more
prototype-nobel-co2 Climate and technology win Nobel for economics 12 October, 2018 Tagged under: climate change, economic policy, nobel prize - Two Americans sharing the 2018 Alfred Nobel Memorial Prize for Economics integrated climate change and technological innovations into long-run macroeconomic analysis. William Nordhaus studied economies and the climate to develop a model that integrates theoretical and empirical information from physics, chemistry and economics to simulate how the global economy and the climate co-evolve and what ... Read more
prototype-exxon-hurricane ExxonMobil funds carbon tax advocacy 12 October, 2018 Tagged under: carbon pricing, climate change - On the surface, it appears counterintuitive, but the world’s largest oil and gas producer desperately needs seek regulatory certainty. So, ExxonMobil is giving US$1m to create the think tank Americans for Carbon Dividends, an educational and advocacy organisation created to promote a carbon tax-and-dividend plan. The organisation will argue in favour of a US$40 per ... Read more
prototype-coal-australia Coal warnings rejected 12 October, 2018 Tagged under: climate change, death of coal, energy policy - Following the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report on global greenhouse gas emissions, Commonwealth Environment Minister Melissa Price stated, "Coal does form a very important part of the Australian energy mix". She further argued that the Government’s current focus is to reduce electricity prices and hoped that future technology could be developed to address ... Read more
prototype-medtronic-pacemaker Medtronic pacemakers offline 12 October, 2018 Tagged under: cybersecurity, medical devices - Heart pacemaker company Medtronic has advised medical professionals that a cyber security risk was discovered in its implanted device system. A letter sent to doctors in the US is reported to have said a security exposure “could result in harm to a patient depending on the extent and intent of a malicious cyberattack and the ... Read more
prototype-keyboard-fingerprint California bans weak passwords 12 October, 2018 Tagged under: cybersecurity, data protection, government regulation - A new California law will make it illegal for manufacturers to supply hardware and software systems with default weak passwords. Is it really such a big issue? Well, the US Government Accounting Office has discovered that weapons systems can be hacked with simple default “admin: admin” type password combinations in as little as nine seconds. ... Read more
prototype-ge-turbine China-Belgium-US extradition over GE engine spy 12 October, 2018 Tagged under: china, counter-espionage, intellectual property - The US government arranged a meeting in Belgium that led to the arrest and extradition of a Chinese national in April 2018 who was trading intellectual property related to General Electric’s jet engine turbines. A US Department of Justice indictment claims that Yanjun Xu is a Chinese Ministry of State Security (MSS) operative. According to the ... Read more
prototype-baby-mice Mouse with two mums 12 October, 2018 Tagged under: bioengineering, genetic modification - Using an egg and a stem cell, researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. manipulated the DNA of two mice to give birth to babies that had two mothers. The “bimaternal” mice were healthy, but bipaternal experiments yielded babies that died shortly after birth. Researchers say there is no near term application in humans, and ... Read more