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Webinar – Who are you Really? Human Identity in the Digital World by Ashley Brinson 14 June, 2019 Tagged under: data privacy, Digital, human genome, identity- My name is Ashley. I used to code computers and make really long engineered polymer molecules. Today, the molecules that I think about most often are the polymers that make up human life. Like all of us here today, I ask myself, “Who am I really?" The Warren Centre Executive Director, Ashley Brinson gave a… ... Read more
The Changes Needed to Australia’s Fire Safety Engineering Methods & Guidelines 7 June, 2019 Tagged under: engineering, fire safety-   Recent serious fire incidents in Australia and the UK demonstrate that a new approach needs to be undertaken to professionalise Fire Safety Engineering. This year The Warren Centre has undertaken a major project examining Fire Safety Engineering in Australia. Below is a summary and excerpt from report thee of this series: The Method Report.… ... Read more
Women Making Waves: Meet the female leaders driving Humanitarian Innovation 31 May, 2019 Tagged under: - Internationally, a trend is expanding whereby innovators turn their creativity and intellect towards solving problems in developing countries and supporting people from around the world. The solutions developed are producing technologies directly improving the wellbeing of the poor, marginalised, under-served, and those within disaster-hit communities, who lack the means to address pressing problems. Women are… ... Read more
Explained: Australia’s Data and Encryption Laws 23 May, 2019 Tagged under: - Enforcement of the Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017 has now been in effect for over a year. Here's a go-to guide. What's the Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act? The Privacy Amendment (Notifiable Data Breaches) Act 2017 (NDB Act) established the Notifiable Data Breaches scheme in Australia. This legislation requires organisations to notify… ... Read more
Design Matters: engineering design is facing an unconscious bias problem 17 May, 2019 Tagged under: women in engineering, women in stem- As a research assistant within the environmental science department in university, I worked with a team to develop a mapping system in an effort to make LIDAR-type (Light Detection and Ranging) images more affordable. I became a research assistant to get more experience with data collection, but all semester I struggled to log hours in… ... Read more
Smart Homes, Smart Cities: Smart Energy 10 May, 2019 Tagged under: smart cities, smart energy, smart home- Population growth, urbanisation and economic transformation place new demands on cities. With more people, comes more strain on global infrastructure and the environment. Energy systems are transforming around the world as the capital costs of zero emissions technologies continue to fall, as systems evolve to meet international commitments, and as urban and suburban consumers actively… ... Read more
Webinar – Patient Privacy in Health and Genomics Technologies by Ashley Brinson 3 May, 2019 Tagged under: 23andMe, consumer privacy, data privacy, digital health, dna- Digital health technologies have great potential for power and improving the human condition, but recent experiences and data breaches indicate some ethical challenges. Earlier this year, The Warren Centre Executive Director, Ashley Brinson gave the opening presentation from the “Health data, genomics, and patient privacy” workshop of the March Ethics of Data Science conference. His presentation has… ... Read more
6 Answers to the Most Asked Questions About Humanitarian Engineering and Innovation 26 April, 2019 Tagged under: Disaster response, humanitarian engineering- What is Humanitarian Engineering? The Humanitarian Engineering Center at the Ohio State University states that “Humanitarian engineering is the creation of technologies that help people” while the University of Warwick defines it as “ the use of science and engineering to invent, create, design, develop, or improve technologies which promote the well-being of communities which… ... Read more
Google’s sibling company Wing launches drone delivery service in Canberra 12 April, 2019 Tagged under: alphabet, delivery drones, drone, google- Need a burrito and long black? Google's sibling company Wing has drone delivery services now for the Canberra suburbs of Crace, Palmerston and Franklin with plans to expand in the coming months. The multicopters hover overhead and drop down cords to lift up and let down small parcel deliveries from Chemist Warehouse, Kickstart Expresso, Pure… ... Read more
The Quest to Engineer a Tasty Cow-Free Burger 4 April, 2019 Tagged under: biotech, lab grown meat, memphis meats- Technological innovation is not just about digital disruption, faster computers and killer apps loved by the masses. Biotechnology is driving new waves of medical innovations, agricultural innovations and new food technologies.  Consumer preferences are as diverse as the human race. Perhaps surprisingly, inventing new food technologies is a source of connecting closely to consumer preferences,… ... Read more