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Google’s sibling company Wing launches drone delivery service in Canberra 12 April, 2019 Tagged under: alphabet, delivery drones, drone, google- Need a burrito and long black? Google's sibling company Wing has drone delivery services now for the Canberra suburbs of Crace, Palmerston and Franklin with plans to expand in the coming months. The multicopters hover overhead and drop down cords to lift up and let down small parcel deliveries from Chemist Warehouse, Kickstart Expresso, Pure… ... Read more
The Quest to Engineer a Tasty Cow-Free Burger 4 April, 2019 Tagged under: biotech, lab grown meat, memphis meats- Technological innovation is not just about digital disruption, faster computers and killer apps loved by the masses. Biotechnology is driving new waves of medical innovations, agricultural innovations and new food technologies.  Consumer preferences are as diverse as the human race. Perhaps surprisingly, inventing new food technologies is a source of connecting closely to consumer preferences,… ... Read more
Five Recent Structural Disasters and What We Can Learn From Them 28 March, 2019 Tagged under: Bridge, engineering, structural engineering- Structural designs don't always work the way they were intended. Shortcuts in engineering design and poor material engineering choices can lead to disasters that cost human lives. Some failures develop from undetectable flaws that build incrementally to crisis, and other times, engineering catastrophes happen in a terrible, overwhelming instant. When disaster strikes, people often ask… ... Read more
The State of Fire Safety Engineering in Australia 22 March, 2019 Tagged under: engineering, fire safety- This year The Warren Centre has undertaken a major project examining Fire Safety Engineering in Australia. Below is an excerpt from report two of this series: Regulation, Control and Accreditation. The cracking incident at the Sydney Opal Tower in December 2018 and the Neo200 fire at Spencer Street, Melbourne in February 2019 demonstrate serious failures… ... Read more
A Sustainable Future with Professor Thomas Maschmeyer 15 March, 2019 Tagged under: climate change, CO2 emissions, sustainable innovation- Climate change is one of the most important issues of our time. Currently scientists and companies everywhere are racing to develop cost-effective alternative energy solutions that will reduce CO2 emissions. In Australia, that charge is being led by innovators like 2018 Eureka Prize Winner, Professor Thomas Maschmeyer at University of Sydney. “In the academic groups… ... Read more
International Women’s Day: Think equal. Build smart. Innovate for change. 7 March, 2019 Tagged under: international women's day, Women in Business, women in engineering, women in stem- In honour of International Women's Day, The Warren Centre would like to praise and appreciate those who participated in our Inclusion2 diversity education program over the past several months. This year’s International Women's Day theme is just a perfect representation of the year our diversity project has seen: Think equal. Build smart. Innovate for change. The… ... Read more
RedR Australia: The Humanitarian Rock Stars of our Time 28 February, 2019 Tagged under: disaster recovery, Rohingya- RedR Australia (RedR) is a leading international humanitarian response agency that selects, trains, and deploys technical experts to areas affected by disaster and conflict across the globe ... Read more
SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket! 22 February, 2019 Tagged under: rockets, space, SpaceX- Today at 12:35pm, Sydney time, SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 rocket.  These blast offs by the private space industry have become so common in the last five years. Launches to space just don’t create the same buzz as they did in the past. Space deployments have become normalised.   As the Apollo 11 moon landing… ... Read more
Who is Professor Ron Johnston? 15 February, 2019 Tagged under: innovation, ron johnston- The Warren Centre took some time this week to interview University of Sydney's Professor, Ron Johnston as he prepares to wrap up his 26-year career as the Executive Director of the Australian Centre for Innovation. What a wonderfully charismatic and interesting man he is.   Who is Professor Ron Johnston? If you were to sum… ... Read more
Fearing Automation: Can Australia’s Job Market Survive? 7 February, 2019 Tagged under: automation, automation and jobs, robots- Automation, certain dogma has said for the last couple of decades, will bring an end to traditional employment and the labour-based workforce of the Australian economy. Robots and automation will end traditional manufacturing, as countries with the best technology infrastructure build everything more efficiently than economies dependent on human manual labour. But is there a… ... Read more