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Who is Professor Ron Johnston? 15 February, 2019 Tagged under: innovation, ron johnston - The Warren Centre took some time this week to interview University of Sydney's Professor, Ron Johnston as he prepares to wrap up his 26-year career as the Executive Director of the Australian Centre for Innovation. What a wonderfully charismatic and interesting man he is.   Who is Professor Ron Johnston? If you were to sum ... Read more
Fearing Automation: Can Australia’s Job Market Survive? 7 February, 2019 Tagged under: automation, automation and jobs, robots - Automation, certain dogma has said for the last couple of decades, will bring an end to traditional employment and the labour-based workforce of the Australian economy. Robots and automation will end traditional manufacturing, as countries with the best technology infrastructure build everything more efficiently than economies dependent on human manual labour. But is there a ... Read more
women in technology 3 Women Who Are Changing the Australian Technology Industry 31 January, 2019 Tagged under: women, Women in Business, women in stem - The Australian technology industry is fighting above its weight. Isolated from the major technology hubs of the world, Australian cities are making a significant impact in Silicon Valley, London and Hong Kong. Female entrepreneurs, developers and creators are gaining reputations as leaders and innovators globally, and helping Australia solidify its place in the modern day ... Read more
Opera House chief engineer, Sir Jack Zunz, dies aged 94 (1923-2018) 21 December, 2018 Tagged under: Engineer, Opera House, Sir Jack Zunz - When it comes to the Sydney Opera House roof structure, the very symbol of Sydney, we have lost our number three man, and the man who made certain its completion. Sir Jack Zunz, who led Ove Arup’s engineering team to realise Jørn Utzon’s wonder, died on December 11 in London, aged 94. Within a week ... Read more
VSS Unity reaches space 14 December, 2018 Tagged under: CRISPR, gene editing, mosquitoes - Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic was back in the air this week.  The new SpaceShipTwo launched from the SpacePort in Mojave, California achieved an altitude of weightless, and landed from a maiden flight to cheers from the teams at Virgin and The Spaceship Company. The mission was the first human spaceflight launched from an American soil since the ... Read more
Energy Forum: Batteries Will Run The World 14 December, 2018 Tagged under: batteries, Batteries will run the world, Energy, Energy Forum -   Recently The Warren Centre hosted our final Energy Forum for 2018 'Batteries will run the world'. This Energy Forum was an insightful look into the ways in which batteries currently shaping our world, and the potential batteries have to impact the future. We were fortunate enough to publish some of the top presentations into webinars for our readers. ... Read more
Moratorium deferred on gene drive 14 December, 2018 Tagged under: CRISPR, gene editing, mosquitoes -   An international conference in Egypt considered proposals by some scientists to ban the release of genetically modified organisms to the environment, but ultimately decided against an outright moratorium in favour of risk assessments of gene-drive releases on a case-by-case basis. The Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) met in ... Read more
Gupta’s plan to turn around Whyalla steel 14 December, 2018 Tagged under: Sanjeev Gupta, south australia, Steel -   Billionaire investor Sanjeev Gupta attended a $600million signing ceremony to unveil grand plans to renovate Whyalla’s rusting steel factory which he acquired from Arrium two years ago. Liberty Primary Steel, a company in the Gupta Family Group Alliance, will install a new steel mill and rail connection from Danieli of Italy and a new ... Read more
Australia’s encryption rules trigger calls for 2019 re-write 14 December, 2018 Tagged under: data privacy, encryption, surveillance -   The new legislation drafts began in June.  On the last day of the 2018 Parliament, sweeping laws were passed giving ASIO and law enforcement agencies strong powers to eavesdrop on electronic communications.  The Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment (Assistance and Access) Act 2018, also called “TOLA”, has been criticised by Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Google ... Read more
South Australia wins Space Agency 14 December, 2018 Tagged under: aerospace in australia, australian space agency, space - Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced that the new Australian Space Agency will be located at the former Royal Adelaide Hospital site.  PM Morrison said, "Our Government's $41 million investment into the agency will act as a launching pad to triple Australia's space economy to $12 billion and create up to 20,000 jobs by 2030." Commonwealth ... Read more