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prototype-cochlear Cochlear doubles manufacturing plan to target Chinese and senior market 17 August, 2018 Tagged under: biomedical engineering, cochlear implants - Biomedical hearing implant pioneer Cochlear will double the size of a planned China manufacturing plant to target the highly lucrative market. Chief executive Dig Howitt outlined plans to promote Cochlear technology to overseas emerging markets with large ageing populations. Cochlear products achieve only 3% market penetration for implants in potential senior patients in the developed ... Read more
prototype-hydrogen-tank Could hydrogen turn Australia into a renewable fuel powerhouse? 17 August, 2018 Tagged under: hydrogen, renewable energy - Last week’s Prototype mentioned the final stage of a joint project between BOC and CSIRO to test hydrogen in two fuel cell electric vehicles. A new metal membrane technology developed by CSIRO enables hydrogen to be generated and separated from liquid ammonia, an improvement to the expensive process of liquefying hydrogen or the relatively inefficient ... Read more
prototype-human-cell Human Cell Atlas to be created by new project 17 August, 2018 Tagged under: genome sequencing, human cells - A massive project aims to identify every type of cell in the human body. With strong international linkages, the project launched in 2016 and has now added even more countries and researchers seeking to catalogue every different type of cell in every tissue and every organ. The researchers’ map will include every healthy human cell ... Read more
prototype-electric-power-lines National Energy Guarantee moving forward 17 August, 2018 Tagged under: australian government, energy policy, renewable electricity - Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and joint Energy and Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg successfully achieved support for their signature National Energy Guarantee policy in a Coalition party room meeting on Tuesday this week. Backbencher Tony Abbott and former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce voiced robust opposition but did not sway a majority to rise against the ... Read more
prototype-waste-paper Converting waste paper into energy 17 August, 2018 Tagged under: power generation, renewable electricity - Australian Paper announced plans to turn rubbish into electricity, but was this week met with questions as concerned locals probed the long-term effects the project could have on health. The power plant based in eastern Victoria would the first of this kind to operate a large-scale energy-to-waste conversion project. Estimated to burn up to 650,000 ... Read more
prototype-nio-es8-electric-suv Are autonomous vehicles really moving from hype to here? 17 August, 2018 Tagged under: autonomous vehicles, electric cars - Stanford Business School reports that autonomous vehicles have indeed matured, noting the recent moves from the build or engineering phase to refining the technology through the software phase. Nio, a US electric car company that has a permit to test its all electric autonomous vehicle car in California, recently rolled out a new EV SUV ... Read more
prototype-augmented-reality Augmented and virtual reality to get faster and more common 17 August, 2018 Tagged under: augmented reality, virtual reality - The future may be augmented in highly varied and unexpected ways as the technology is rapidly improving. Nvidia announced that its next generation of chips incorporating new Turing GPU architecture will be launched next week, confirming that expectations based on Moore’s Law do apply to improvements in virtual reality (VR). The applications for augmented reality ... Read more
prototype-water-uv-fluorescent Promising new method to detoxify water 17 August, 2018 Tagged under: chemical engineering, water scarcity - University of Purdue researchers have developed a process to detoxify water using chlorine and UV rays. Aimed to increase the water supply in drought-struck areas, the technology might significantly ease the distress of people living with restricted access to clean water. High concentrations of amines compromise the quality of water that is highly recycled. Using ... Read more
prototype-bayer-roundup Bayer/Monsanto merger faces high profile product liability troubles 17 August, 2018 Tagged under: chemical engineering, legal liability - Germany’s Bayer and America’s Monsanto are in the late stages of a US$63 billion merger, a trend in the chemicals industry as multinational companies undertake transcontinental rationalisations. In a lawsuit against Monsanto this week, a California jury awarded US$289m to a 42-year-old school groundskeeper. Dewayne Johnson was accidentally sprayed with Roundup and developed a rash. ... Read more
prototype-tesla-pallets Tesla on a road to private ownership or a road to the SEC? 17 August, 2018 Tagged under: autonomous vehicles, corporate finance, Tesla - “Am considering taking Tesla private at $420. Funding secured.” What would a week be like with a Twitter message from Tesla CEO Elon Musk? This tweet from August 8 has caused a stir. The innovator continues to push forward with efforts to take Tesla private whilst receiving help from “Silver Lake and Goldman Sachs as ... Read more