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prototype-alstom-hydrogen-1000 Hydrogen fuel cell train makes first trip 24 March, 2017 Tagged under: energy storage, future transport, renewable energy - France’s Alstom has carried out its first successful test of Coradia iLint, a zero-emissions hydrogen fuel cell train. Currently tested on speeds of 80km/h, these trains are planned to travel at 140km/h on routes in Germany and the Czech Republic. The train runs silently with no overhead power lines. Currently, the train uses industrial waste ... Read more
prototype-black-arrow-1000 It’s time: industry body calls for Australian Space Agency 24 March, 2017 Tagged under: australian space agency, space exploration - This week the Space Industry Association of Australia, the peak industry body representing the space workforce of approximately 9500 to 11,500 in Australia, released its white paper Advancing Australia in Space and called for the formation of an Australian Space Agency. The release comes at a time when many in the industry, such as Aussie ... Read more
prototype-nasa-water-day-1000 Stop wasting wastewater 24 March, 2017 Tagged under: recycling, united nations, wastewater - Following World Water Day, the UN released its annual report advising that wastewater is a neglected valuable resource. In developed countries, roughly 30% of used water is released untreated in the environment, but in developing countries this number rises dramatically to 70% - or even 100% for the poorest countries. Untreated water strongly contributes to ... Read more
prototype-hazelwood-1000 Forget Apple Pay – pay with face recognition 24 March, 2017 Tagged under: artificial intelligence, china, face recognition - Face recognition technology is starting to take off in the west, but its applications in China are sweeping ahead of those in developed markets. China’s face recognition start-up Megvii now uses face-detection technology to authorize ‘Smile to Pay’ payments, unlock access to facilities and track criminals. Face++, another Chinese start-up with a billion-dollar valuation, tracks ... Read more
prototype-china-smog-1000 Has climate change worsened China’s air pollution? 24 March, 2017 Tagged under: air pollution, china, climate change, CO2 emissions - The cycle of burning fossil fuels, increased atmospheric carbon, rising global temperature and intense localised pollution is a more complex cycle than previously realised - in ways that have directly affected China's air pollution. The 2013 China ‘airpocalypse’ event was caused in part by climate change as reductions in arctic sea ice confined regional air ... Read more
prototype-hazelwood-1000 Finkel review into electricity crisis receives plethora of advice 24 March, 2017 Tagged under: electricity markets, government consultations, regulation - Chief Scientist Alan Finkel’s Independent Review to the National Electricity Market (the Finkel review) solicited 360 submissions by engineers, technologists, lobbyists, lawyers and companies. Dr Finkel returned recently from visits in Europe and the US examining energy market operation and regulation. “The countries and jurisdictions we visited are well advanced managing the policy and technology ... Read more
prototype-qantas-avro-1000 Qantas slingshot to revolutionise air travel 24 March, 2017 Tagged under: future transport, qantas, slingshot accelerator, start-ups - Australia’s flag-carrier airline Qantas has partnered with Slingshot Accelerator to call on start-ups and scale-ups to redefine the future of air travel. Named Avro Accelerator after the airline's first operating aircraft, the Avro 504K, the initiative will offer up to $150k on top of a series of perks including $5,000 in travel credits. The accelerator ... Read more
prototype-co2-chart-1000 Paris Accord will boost the economy, says IRENA report 24 March, 2017 Tagged under: CO2 emissions, irena, renewable energy - Would you like to see a 0.8% boost to global GDP, or around US$19 trillion? This is predicted to be possible by 2050 with a concerted push into renewable energy, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). There will also be a net boost in jobs, and the potential to cut CO2 emissions by 70%. ... Read more
prototype-andrew-ng-1000 Baidu’s Andrew Ng on to bigger and better things 24 March, 2017 Tagged under: andrew ng, artificial intelligence, baidu - Currently the Chief Scientist at Baidu (China’s equivalent to Google) and a guru of AI (he started Coursera and runs one of the most popular courses on machine learning), Andrew Ng is leaving his post. Dr Ng wants to take his work in AI outside the tech sphere and bring it to other industries. His ... Read more
prototype-perovskite-1000 Perovskite could bring solar cells in a can 24 March, 2017 Tagged under: perovskite, renewable energy, solar cells - Spray-on solar cells may be getting closer to reality. A major collaborative research effort is continuing to develop the prospects of perovskite. Perovskites are a range of materials that can harvest energy in their crystalline structure, hence leading to thin-film solar cells. A company in the UK is claiming it will launch a commercial product ... Read more