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From gimmick to work tool: the return of Glass 21 July, 2017 Tagged under: augmented reality, google - The original Google Glass flopped as a consumer product, but it has not disappeared altogether. This week Glass relaunched as a B2B product for the workplace. Alphabet’s X.Company unit says the Glass Enterprise Edition has improved battery life and superior comfort for long-term wear. This time around, the focus is on industries such as field ... Read more
Mirvac to hoist a new ATP start-up hub 21 July, 2017 Tagged under: australian technology park, entrepreneurship, startup - A new innovation precinct will open next month at Australian Technology Park, facilitated by Melbourne start-up hub, the York Butter Factory. ATP owner Mirvac formed a joint venture with the Victoria incubator. The news follows Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s announcement that NSW will finance a $35m Sydney Start-up Hub, an 11-storey home for 2500 entrepreneurs located ... Read more
Australian space agency ready to launch? 21 July, 2017 Tagged under: rocket, space, space exploration - Former CSIRO CEO Dr Megan Clark AC will lead a review of Australia’s aerospace industry capability. Insiders say that Northern Territory may soon become the location for a domestic rocket launch facility, with apparent talks underway between the private sector and traditional owners. Read more: Australian Government / ABC (1) / The Australian / ABC ... Read more
SA battery sparks debates 21 July, 2017 Tagged under: battery systems, clean energy, elon musk, paris accord - Elon Musk’s recent project to build the largest lithium-ion battery in the world is triggering heated debates on several levels. This week, Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg accused South Australia of taping a celebrity over its patchy clean energy record, warning that states who “go in alone” create uncertainty and inefficiency in the national electricity system. ... Read more
Power prices surge 21 July, 2017 Tagged under: clean energy, electrcity, power policy, renewable energy - Australian power is getting more expensive at the meter, and the economics of rising prices will be a political issue that rises in prominence alongside bills to households and businesses. The linkage between the fixed operating costs of grid owners, the impact of variable renewable energy and falling supply by dispatched generators was reviewed in ... Read more
WhatsApp in China? The Great Firewall is reinforced 21 July, 2017 Tagged under: china, greater collaboration, vpn - China partially blocked the Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp as authorities tighten their grip on the internet. Reminiscent of Gmail restrictions in 2014, President Xi Jinping’s restrictions on Chinese citizens’ online actions were announced in the name of ‘cyber sovereignty’. Although the American app is not often used for peer-to-peer communications within China, its greater privacy ... Read more
Turnbull government wants a key to encryption back door 21 July, 2017 Tagged under: encryption, ethics, terrorism - In the past months, increasingly the EU has gone toe-to-toe against Silicon Valley, and now it appears that Canberra will also. Terrorists have used encrypted messaging systems on mobile phone hardware within apps and even on sites like Facebook and YouTube to communicate or to promote their nefarious plots. Ahead of creating the super Home ... Read more
Online banking: the eyes have it 21 July, 2017 Tagged under: fingerprint scanning, hackers, iris scanning, mobile banking - UK bank TSB is introducing iris scanning technology for its online banking app. Instead of passwords and PINs, the customer’s unique physical features will permit access to accounts. Bank CIO Carlos Abarca says that an iris scan is far more secure than fingerprint recognition, but fraudsters believe they might hack the system using photographs. Ultimately ... Read more
#FakeNews evolves 21 July, 2017 Tagged under: artificial intelligence, fakenews, obama - University of Washington artificial intelligence and computer graphics developers have continued to perfect their methods to make a ‘synthetic’ version of former President Barack Obama. Continuing with artificial audio voices built last year, the team has created fake video. Can we ever trust video again? Read more: YouTube / University of Washington / UW (2) ... Read more
The intelligence on robots and AI 21 July, 2017 Tagged under: artificial intelligence, elon musk - Celebrity billionaire techster Elon Musk warned US state governors last weekend that regulations are needed to control threats from artificial intelligence. Musk’s comments sparked rebuttals among academics and influential figures in global tech entrepreneurship. The founding director of MIT’s Computer Science and AI Lab, Rodney Brooks defends the future of robotics and AI. Andrew Ng ... Read more