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prototype-my-health-record-1000 To opt out or not? That is the question 20 July, 2018 Tagged under: big data, bioethics, cybersecurity - Until October 15, Australians can choose to opt out of the new digital medical data system known as My Health Record. Designed to track a patient’s prescriptions, medical conditions, tests and diagnoses, the system will improve the sharing of information among practitioners. However, the development is not without its critics, as some experts are sceptical ... Read more
prototype-android-1000 Google fined €4.3bn over Android competition 20 July, 2018 Tagged under: competition regulation, google, open source - Citing abuse of market power, European Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager issued Google a record fine for requiring Samsung, Huawei and other manufacturers to pre-install the Google search app and Chrome browser on Android mobile devices. Android is presently embedded in 80% of global mobile phones, and the fine follows a 2017 EC fine of €2.4bn ... Read more
prototype-great-barrier-reef-1000 Keeping the Great Barrier Reef… great 20 July, 2018 Tagged under: bioengineering, Great Barrier Reef - The sky was definitely not the limit as Australia’s first Great Barrier Reef Restoration Symposium kicked off in far north Queensland. One of the innovative technologies discussed at the conference, dubbed the ‘cloud-brightening station’, aims to make clouds more reflective to stop sunlight overheating and destroying corals. This bright idea would thrust tiny sea-salt crystals ... Read more
prototype-astrazeneca-brexit-1000 Pharma and tech firms stockpiling for hard Brexit 20 July, 2018 Tagged under: brexit, pharmaceuticals, supply chains - Best in class modern management uses precise just-in-time logistics to minimise inventory and maximise return on assets, but manufacturers in the UK facing uncertainty over Brexit (Britain’s withdrawal from the EU trading bloc) will begin stockpiling goods on the continent and replicating some production facilities to avoid business disruptions. Pharma giant AstraZeneca is working on ... Read more
prototype-parker-solar-probe-1000 Parker Solar Probe flying into the sun 20 July, 2018 Tagged under: NASA, space, space engineering - In early August, a highly sophisticated spacecraft will take-off from Cape Canaveral on a mission to pass into the Sun’s atmosphere. By the end of 2018, the Parker Solar Probe will skim the solar corona with a white reflector and highly engineered carbon insulators facing the extreme heat to protect the electronics and communications equipment ... Read more
prototype-coal-nem-1000 Keep the old coal burners stoked another 20 years 20 July, 2018 Tagged under: death of coal, power generation - In a report issued Tuesday, the Australian Energy Market Operator acknowledged, "Maintaining existing coal-fired generation up to the end of its technical life is a key element of a low-cost approach". As the ageing coal power stations retire over the next 20 years, AEMO estimates $8bn to $27bn in capital investment will be required in ... Read more
prototype-hydrogen-fuel-cell-1000 Australian’s hydrogen power economy heats up 20 July, 2018 Tagged under: alternative energy, electricity supply, hydrogen - A Queensland hydrogen power project is in the news this week. In late June, Queensland’s Northern Oil announced it has been in talks for about a year to start up a new electrolysis technology that would convert solar electricity to liquid hydrogen for export to Japan. Sumitomo and the Gladstone Ports Corporation are potential partners ... Read more
prototype-airbus-zephyr-1000 Airbus shows off Zephyr solar-powered drone 20 July, 2018 Tagged under: autonomous vehicles, drones, solar power - Using solar cells and a light body, the UK’s QinetiQ has demonstrated high altitude unmanned drones. This week at Britain’s Farnborough Air Show, Airbus announced that it has received a British defence contract to supply the Zephyr and that it will build a production facility. Airbus calls Zephyr a HAPS: high altitude pseudo-satellite. It operates ... Read more
prototype-blood-test-1000 Australian university breakthrough in beating melanoma 20 July, 2018 Tagged under: medical diagnostics, skin cancer - Edith Cowan University researchers announced they have developed a world first blood test to detect melanoma in its early stages. The test had a correlation to confirmed cases of over 80% and would prove useful for GP’s unsure about whether a biopsy is indicated. Melanoma has radically improved patient outcomes if discovered early. Lead researcher ... Read more
prototype-killer-robot-1000 Pledge against autonomous AI weapons 20 July, 2018 Tagged under: artificial intelligence, defence, robot ethics - A number of leading Silicon Valley innovators as well as a strong international coalition of lawyers and NGOs have formalised a pledge not to develop autonomous AI weapons - also known as weaponised robots. The pledge, presented at the annual International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Stockholm this week, commits signatories to “neither participate ... Read more