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prototype-sonnen-1000 Australian blackouts invigorate disruptive battery entrants 24 February, 2017 Tagged under: energy storage, off-grid power - In the wake of the blackouts that swept South Australia and threatened New South Wales earlier this year, Germany's Sonnen seeks to disrupt energy markets with a ‘virtual power plant’ of connected batteries. Meanwhile, Magnetar Capital has announced two 50MW battery storage units for South Australia. Sonnen MD Oliver Koch proclaims boldly, "We believe that ... Read more
prototype-planets-1000 Stunning discovery of seven Earth-sized planets 24 February, 2017 Tagged under: NASA, new planets, space exploration - NASA has located seven Earth-sized planets orbiting a single star outside our solar system. Three of these planets are located within the habitable-zone (Earthly speaking) around their sun and could potentially have liquid water if the atmospheric conditions are right, making them a potential prospect for extra-terrestrial life. The highly awaited 6.5m James Web Space ... Read more
prototype-genome-1000 Human gene editing? Maybe, but not yet 24 February, 2017 Tagged under: bioethics, CRISPR, human genome - Once the stuff of science fiction, the US National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Medicine completed a review of the ethics of editing heritable human genes, i.e. traits that can be passed down from the parent to the next generation. The Academies concluded that although society and science are not ready now, ... Read more
prototype-girls-1000 NSW school curriculum revised 24 February, 2017 Tagged under: nsw curriculum, STEM education - Following Australia’s disappointing international maths and sciences ranking results last December, the NSW school curriculum is being updated. The changes by the NSW Government - the first in 18 years - are designed to emphasise rigorous mathematics, more statistical analysis and algorithm development. The aim is to change the curriculum in a way that better prepares ... Read more
prototype-supermarket-1000 Aisles with eyes: sync me, see me, know me, beam me… 24 February, 2017 Tagged under: joseph turrow, retail tracking, RFID - Creepy news: apps, RFID, GPS tracking and checkout facial recognition technologies in bricks-and-mortar stores are being used in ways the average shopper does not comprehend. In the new book The Aisles Have Eyes: How Retailers Track Your Shopping, Strip Your Privacy, and Define Your Power, US author Joseph Turow explores the latest trends in teched-up ... Read more
prototype-electric-blu-1000 Sydney Airport buses to go Electric Blu 24 February, 2017 Tagged under: byd, electric vehicles, sydney airport - Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD (Build Your Dream) will join Malaysian bus supplier Gemilang to deliver 40 Electric Blu-branded buses for Carbridge, the bus transportation service supplier for Sydney Airport. The deal is an extension of an existing successful trial. BYD’s Liu Xueliang said: “We are the first Chinese company to crack Australia’s electric bus ... Read more
prototype-watson-1000 Elementary my dear Watson: you’re fired 24 February, 2017 Tagged under: artificial intelligence, ibm, pwc, university of texas, watson - University of Texas cancer clinic MD Anderson is placing its oncology research partnership with IBM's Watson AI and PwC on hold. The decision comes as UT auditors claimed that the US$62m program did not conform to university procurement processes. The governance audit did not consider the technical efficacy of the IT project. Melanoma Institute Australia ... Read more
prototype-ups-1000 Drone delivery coming closer and closer 24 February, 2017 Tagged under: delivery drones, UAVs, ups - Almost to your door. US delivery company UPS has successfully performed tests of drone delivery in Florida. The drone took off from a delivery truck, dropped off the package at the door of the customer and returned to the truck, which had since travelled down the street. All of this was performed autonomously. As more and ... Read more
prototype-bee-1000 Aussie company’s bee-friendly insecticide attracts Belgian partner 24 February, 2017 Tagged under: bee populations, innovate ag, pesticides, sero-x - Using peptides from the butterfly pea legume, the bio-insecticide Sero-X from Innovate Ag has the potential to be a global success. This week, the Wee Waa, NSW-based company announced an investment stake partnership with Belgium based Biological Products of Agriculture. The new product and partnership could help ease the current global crisis over falling bee ... Read more
prototype-eagle-1000 The eagle has landed… and destroyed 24 February, 2017 Tagged under: eagle versus drone, french air force - Previously in the Prototype we brought you the story about eagles being trained to attack rogue drones. The French Air Force's first generation of fully trained eagles – named d'Artagnan, Athos, Porthos and Aramis, for the characters in classic novel The Three Musketeers – are now flight ready. The video linked below shows the worthy ... Read more