Off-Grid Power Supply Options Project


The Off-Grid Power Supply Options Project will evaluate alternative energy sources versus traditional supply in off-grid locations, with a focus on small modular nuclear reactors.


Australia relies on standalone off-grid power supply for important regional and remote industrial project applications such as mining and agriculture. To sustain the significant national economic strength we derive from these major industrial activities, we require reliable and high capacity energy sources. This project is about ensuring we can achieve the best balance of energy security, long-term cost-efficiency and supply in these critical applications.

The Warren Centre is neither an advocate for, nor an opponent of nuclear power: our role is not to promote nuclear power, nor to oppose it. Our project teams include advocates and opponents of nuclear power, and we endeavour to eliminate or minimize any potential bias by welcoming all sides of the issue to the table. In doing so we are able to deliver credible results of value to all.

We strongly encourage all stakeholders – and given the importance of the major regional economies to national development, that means everyone – to engage in an informed and evidence-based dialogue, to seek out and share independent and credible data.

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