Power policy for Australia’s future energy needs

Complex, multiparty negotiations among Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg and the States and Territories on the National Energy Guarantee are culminating at decision day with Friday’s COAG meeting in Melbourne. Minister Frydenberg declared, “”People are sick of the hyper-partisanship which has dictated and dominated the energy and climate debate. They want practical, workable market-based solutions.” Today’s decisions could resolve months of contentious debate on both sides of the political spectrum and provide greater confidence for capital investors and a plan forward for 26% reduction in emissions.

Airstrikes in Syria triggered warnings this week by Senator Jim Molan and retired Air Marshall John Blackburn that global conflict could seriously threaten fuel supplies reliant on Middle East imports as Australia holds only 43 days liquid petroleum supply.

In other energy news, Australian energy company AGL will host a coal-to-liquid hydrogen export trial for Kawasaki. If successful, the companies would build a hydrogen facility at AGL’s Loy Yang coal-fired power station, converting it to a clean energy exporter.

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Image: Pixabay / CC0-1.0 – Wind turbines in sunset

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