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The Circular Economy: Global trends and future challenges 

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The circular economy refers to a system where resources are redeployed and reused and waste flows are turned into inputs for further production. These processes can happen at any scale from the composting of organic waste for gardening to entire industrial systems which exchange waste streams – moving away from our current linear economy model, in which 80-90% of goods become waste within six months of consumption. This February 2018 report by The Warren Centre identifies current global trends towards a circular economy for industrial systems, products and consumers. It examines the role of different stakeholders including government, industry and academia, and considers the key legislative, technological and education barriers towards implementation.

Copper Roadmap The Copper Technology Roadmap 2030

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The Copper Technology 2030 Roadmap looks across the whole of Asia. The insights gained in this report are significant for decision makers across a wide range of industries including mining, finished copper, commodities trading and finance. As Asian economies continue their ascent and dominant place in the global economy, copper products will enable ongoing growth and infrastructure improvements.

Professional Performance, Innovation and Risk Report

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What does Professional Performance really mean? What performance should engineering professionals expect of themselves and of each other? What performance should clients and other stakeholders expect of engineering professionals when they are undertaking an engineering task? “Professional Performance, Innovation and Risk in Australian Engineering Practice” uncovers for the first time globally, the words that describe and formally recognise what professional performance means in engineering practice.

Handbook For Reform – Delivery Of Successful Infrastructure In NSW

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This Handbook for Reform is the result of a year-long research project by the Warren Centre’s Urban Reform Project Group. It is designed to help bridge the gap between planning and delivery of infrastructure.

It outlines the key success factors and barriers in bringing projects to fruition, including decision making and procurement processes. This Handbook sets out an agenda which can form the basis of a reform program. It is also timely, as the Metropolitan Plan for Sydney was delivered in December 2010 to guide the long term growth of Sydney and the New South Wales state election in 2011 will provide an opportunity to consider new approaches to Infrastructure policy and decision making.

Steel – Framing the Future

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The project findings, addressing the multi-storey building sector, have the unmistakeable ring of a call for industry reform. Robust investigation of the status of the steel construction industry over two and a half years has revealed a sector that is well behind its counterparts in the US, UK and New Zealand, with dwindling skills and average capabilities. To contrast the Australian industry’s status quo with, for example, the UK, is to understand that ignoring the call for reform signals the nation’s divestment of what could be a thriving, innovative industry with export potential.

The report covers skills analysis, industry analysis (including a comparison between Australia and the UK), alternatives, project management issues, sustainability and recommendations.

Pushing the Engineering Envelope

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“Pushing the Engineering Envelope: Two Decades of Warren Centre Achievement” records how The Warren Centre’s activities have changed the outside world.

It contains a description of most of the significant work undertaken by the Centre, a short history of the Centre and a list of almost everyone who ever had anything to do with the Centre.

Underground Space

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Inspired by an idea contributed by a consulting engineer, the project was initiated in 1995 to capture the significant growth in underground technologies, services and development that had occurred across the globe at that time and apply them to development in Australian cities.

The Warren Centre adopted the project concept because of the opportunity to utilise skills and capabilities in the Engineering Faculty’s Civil Engineering Department and to develop further the linkages with engineers working on a number of underground projects, particularly in the Sydney area.


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