#QuantumRace: Local researchers accelerate Sydney in a global race

Research from Station Q Sydney, a major collaboration between Microsoft and the University of Sydney, was published this week. USYD’s Dr. Maja Cassidy collaborated with researchers at TU Eindhoven to investigate new quantum computing devices before returning to Sydney to work with Station Q. Nanowires deposited on a grooved semiconductor were arranged in a “hashtag” crisscross to form quantum “quasiparticles” in research recently published. When a current passes through the nanowires, a Majorana particle and a “braided” sibling particle are created as seen in the video link below.

In related quantum news, USYD’s quantum professor and director of Station Q David Reilly was awarded the AFR Higher Education Emerging Leader Award with judges saying that he “works to develop experimental technologies into quantum machines with practical applications.”

Finally, UNSW researcher Guilherme Tosi and colleagues also published research this week on their silicon based quantum platform, a distinctly different approach from efforts at Station Q. The city of Sydney is in prime position for long term technology development.

Read more: Nature / Nature (2) / USYD / AFR / SMH / YouTube

Image: Ifanahmad / CC0 Creative Commons 

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