Smart cities of the future will be safer cities

Law enforcement and public agencies can benefit strongly in efforts to keep the public safe as digital technology innovations are leveraged to multiply manpower.

Mobile technology, video imaging, sensor data and intelligent analytics as well as new engagement through social media and crowd contributions can enhance urban safety as cities grow.  Surveying not just New York, London and Paris but also Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bogota and Cairo, the Brookings Institute compared global best practices to yield insights for the future.  While privacy and security concerns are noted, efforts such as police body-worn cameras have strong potential to increase accountability and transparency in interactions between law enforcement and members of the public.

Singapore was rated the safest city on a scorecard of 17 peers, and its “Smart Nation” efforts and “i-Witness” crowdsourced counterterrorism systems are among the innovations that boosted the city nation to the top.

Read more: Brookings / Straits Times

Image: Pixabay / CC0-1.0 – Singapore Night

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