SpaceX? Nope. OceanX

When everyone is focused on leaving Earth in search of a new beginning, billionaire investor Ray Dalio and renowned director James Cameron are going the other way.

Together they have launched OceanX, a bold new initiative to explore the depths of the unknown ocean and bring it back to the world through film. OceanX will unite next-gen technology, science, compelling storytelling, and immersive experiences to educate, inspire, and connect the world with the deep blue around them. “To me, the ocean remains humanity’s most important, and most under-examined, treasure,” Dalio said at the launch event in New York. “I believe that ocean exploration is more exciting and important than space exploration.”

The company will enable explorers and researchers to explore the unseen ocean, map uncharted areas of the world, observe rare deep-sea creatures and pursue scientific and medical breakthroughs. As SpaceX develops the BFR, OceanX is developing the M/V Alucia2, claimed to be the most advanced marine exploration and media vessel ever created, set to launch next year.

When 95% of the ocean has yet to be discovered, what mysteries lie within the murky depths? With this new initiative, we hope to soon find out.

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Image: OceanX – Blue Planet II

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