SpaceX’s Dragon Capsule lands with Australian school kids’ cargo

Although staying up until 3am isn’t something parent’s allow their kids to usually do, when their space coded school experiments are on board a SpaceX rocket about to launch to the ISS, an exception can be made.

The experiments are part of the Cuberider Space Program that helps children develop space experiments that meet elements of the physics and earth sciences curriculum for years 7 – 10. Is this the best way ever to study physics?

Loaded with over 6,400 pounds of supplies, including the kids’ experiments, SpaceX’s ISS resupply mission has completed its latest step, with the Dragon capsule launched on Monday now successfully docked.

Dragon met up with the ISS early Wednesday morning, roughly 36 hours after launching from Kennedy Space Center aboard a Falcon 9 rocket.

Read more: ABC / Cuberider / TechCrunch

Image: SpaceX

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