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In a Sydney Ideas podcast, Prof John Mattick of the Garvin Institute discusses how distinct genome arrangements as an ordinary part of health records will revolutionise biomedical advancements, personalised healthcare, and health system administration. Genomic data tightly incorporated with clinical data from personal devices and...

With Russian president Vladimir Putin declaring AI as the new space race this year, Eric Schmidt revealed his grim outlook for the US. At the CNAS tech summit this week Schmidt predicted that America’s lead in the race will only last five years before China catches...

Alphabet’s Project Wing has begun a new phase of testing its hybrid drones in Australia. The project, based in regional NSW just outside Canberra, seeks to use the hybrid fixed-wing/rotary aircraft to make deliveries directly to people’s yards. Google has teamed up with Mexican food chain...

Japan’s SoftBank is acquiring humanoid (and animal-like) robotics innovator Boston Dynamics) from Google’s parent company Alphabet. Google had purchased the Boston-based company in 2013, but persistent rumours last year indicated the Californians were seeking to off-load their East Coast investment to another investor. SoftBank is a Japanese...

Project Loon, from Google parent company Alphabet, uses tennis court-sized balloons to beam internet access to a wide area below. The program has been deployed at a large scale for the first time in Peru, where tens of thousands of people in remote towns badly hit...

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