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MIT Media Lab designed an experiment into moral algorithms, ran a survey and reported the results in Nature on Wednesday. Using the classic ‘trolley dilemma’, 40 million global participants evaluated an autonomous driving scenario where software must make a life-ending decision. If the car will...

Data entry clerks are becoming extinct, but data analysts and data scientists who explore statistics will be employed in far greater demand. A global review of future employment trends by the World Economic Forum predicts that 75 million jobs will be destroyed by technology, but a...

MIT researchers have developed a new technology which can detect depression in patients by recording and analysing their speech and writing patterns. The speech engagement prompted by the researchers was not aligned to the typical questions posed by mental health clinicians about the patient’s mood...

Fish farms provide the main ingredient for the many cuisines across the world. In order to economically optimise them, it is essential to accurately sort and count fish. However, current methods predominantly consist of manual fish handling which is laborious and time-consuming. In Japan, the Kindai...

USC engineering professor Eva Kanso is researching biomimicry: how to exploit with robots and artificial intelligence the natural senses that animals use to locate fish swimming in the sea. The whiskers of seals are extremely sensitive to swirling underwater vortexes. In fact, they are so sensitive...

Engineers at the University of Central Florida have developed a system that can successfully detect tiny specks of lung cancer tumours in CT scans which previously evaded discovery by radiologists. Its accuracy of 95% is said to be 30% higher than the power of human...

In a week that spawned at least one hundred “truth isn’t truth” memes, there’s new reason to believe that every human on video in 2019 will eventually morph into Nicholas Cage. Tech writer Will Knight previewed his own “test drives” of a desktop deepfake software and...

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