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The Warren Center invites you to: THE GREAT DEBATE The Future of Nuclear Energy in Australia DEBATE TWO OF A SERIES OF THREE AS PART OF - THE GREAT DEBATE SERIES "Australia should reconsider its resistance to nuclear energy to support renewables. Fake news?" Renewable energy continues to grow, but what...

The Australian government has announced they will spend up to $7 billion dollars on six spy drones aimed at ensuring the country’s safety. The high-tech remotely controlled planes will not be operational for some time but hope to detect potential threats to the country including...

HSC student Oliver Nicholls has taken home the top prize and $100,000 as winner of the Gordon E. Moore Award at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in Pittsburgh last Friday. How? Nicholls, now 19 years old, designed and built an autonomous window...

The Warren Center invites you to: THE GREAT DEBATE Energy Demand Management Although Australia’s policy frameworks appear to be headed towards resolution in the COAG Energy Council meeting in August 2018, there are still many undetermined technology issues and business issues as well as a certain amount of...

On his visit to Harvard last week the founder of Microsoft discussed issues surrounding climate change and genetically modified organisms. Gates said it is difficult to push a truly meaningful change forward because people nowadays, politicians and everyday citizens, have such low STEM literacy. “It’s the...

Complex, multiparty negotiations among Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg and the States and Territories on the National Energy Guarantee are culminating at decision day with Friday’s COAG meeting in Melbourne. Minister Frydenberg declared, “"People are sick of the hyper-partisanship which has dictated and dominated the...

Solar, wind and enabling battery technologies reached new milestones locally and across the globe this week. NSW’s largest wind farm was approved this week by the state and will bring cleaner energy, 800 jobs and lower energy prices. The $640 million Liverpool Range Wind Farm’s 272...

Released last week to correspond to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Special Summit in Australia, the CSIRO Sunrise Industries report advises government and industry on future growth potential to capitalise on opportunities in the region. As the ASEAN countries transform through economic growth, industrial...

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