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Data entry clerks are becoming extinct, but data analysts and data scientists who explore statistics will be employed in far greater demand. A global review of future employment trends by the World Economic Forum predicts that 75 million jobs will be destroyed by technology, but a...

With women playing a more important role in the Australian workforce than ever before, how can companies better utilise their diverse and unique talents? In 1970, only 39.5% of Australian women aged between 25 and 64 years of age, participated in the labour market. By...

Regional Institute Australia has published a study on the future of work and the relative vulnerability of jobs to automation across suburbs. In the report, regional cities were found to have the greatest proportion of jobs that are highly vulnerable to automation (28.1%), slightly more...

A new McKinsey Global Institute report shows that due to automation as many as 375 million workers will need to switch occupational categories by 2030, and their skillset will need to remain flexible to have a smooth transition. Elon Musk warns that developing safe AI has...

Internet banking, fintech apps, blockchains and cryptocurrencies are increasingly disrupting Banjo Patterson’s blue ‘tenners’, but for some transactions bills and coins are still more convenient - and the ATM is still required for those. Last year, the American Enterprise Institute reviewed the effect that ATMs had...

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