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Despite an ongoing trade war with the USA, the Made in China 2025 campaign is ramping up efforts for massive acquisition and deployment of robotic technology. The China robot strategy includes the domestic manufacture of robots and the internal deployment of locally-made robots in Chinese...

This week China’s largest online delivery company announced an AUD$2bil JV investment in a Hong Kong logistics hub. Alibaba founder Jack Ma seeks to build a global logistics system that delivers door-to-door in less than 72 hours. Presently, the total China courier logistics chain delivers 130...

Online plagiarism detection software is widespread in Australian universities, but automated essay checking may be ramping up in unexpected ways overseas. China is reported to be implementing artificial intelligence that will replace teachers marking student papers. SCMP claims that a quarter of the nation’s schools are...

Tesla will suspend its Model 3 production in Fremont, California and Gigafactory 1 as part of a “planned period of downtime” to ramp-up future automation and resolve supply chain bottlenecks. Tesla previously paused its production in February, for the same reason, with a downtime of four...

Over the last year one of the world’s biggest fears for the future was losing jobs due to automation and AI. Some analysts predicted that up to a quarter of the working population would become jobless, up to 47% in the US and 35% in...

Amazon envisions a future of physical shopping where customers walk into a store, grab what they want and walk out. The reality of this vision was delivered when Amazon Go’s first public store opened its doors in January after a year of successful employee trials. By...

Innovation leads to progress, but is the outcome always a good one? Foxconn, the world’s leading contract electronics manufacturer is set to aggressively cut over 10,000 jobs from its panel arm Innolux as they replace workers with robots. A new report by PwC illustrates three waves...

Drones are becoming increasingly popular for applications in video production, surveillance and agricultural crop monitoring. The downsides to current technologies are that these drones are controlled by live humans and batteries only last 20 minutes. HiveUAV takes the benefits of drones and eliminates the cons. Featuring...

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