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In the season of the US election and the winding down of 2018, NPR’s Unintended Consequences is a curation of five TED talks that reflect on a year of increasing techno-scepticism.  Author of Homo Deus and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, historian Yuval Noah...

Move over MyHealthRecord. This is the biggest Big Data on the planet. Two weeks ago, Aadhaar was challenged in the Indian Supreme Court. Named with the Hindi word for ‘foundation’, the legality of the world’s largest biometric database was upheld under India’s common law as a...

Until October 15, Australians can choose to opt out of the new digital medical data system known as My Health Record. Designed to track a patient’s prescriptions, medical conditions, tests and diagnoses, the system will improve the sharing of information among practitioners. However, the development is...

Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States, but two new developments give hope to developing a cure. A scientist at the University of Hawaii has reported a research breakthrough that could lead to a promising treatment. Robert Nichols, professor of cell...

Anonymised data should be anonymous, right? Without the names of the data source subjects, it should be impossible to connect anonymous data – digital photographs, sensitive anonymous survey responses, etc. – with the original data sources. However, clever hackers have developed techniques for extracting photographs of...

When Big Brother became a hit TV show in the 2000s, few could have imagined it becoming an everyday reality somewhere in the world. Last week The Prototype reported on China’s social credit-score based Alibaba Ford vending machines and jaywalking fines administered via instant messenger. Now,...

Alibaba and Ford initiated a partnership last year to identify and develop new tech opportunities. Now, the companies have launched a five-story cat-shaped, stacked-car vending machine in Guangzhou, China that lets prospective customers test-drive Ford vehicles. The “Super Test-Drive Centre” is an unmanned vending machine that...

In a Sydney Ideas podcast, Prof John Mattick of the Garvin Institute discusses how distinct genome arrangements as an ordinary part of health records will revolutionise biomedical advancements, personalised healthcare, and health system administration. Genomic data tightly incorporated with clinical data from personal devices and...

The problem with data is never its collection, but rather its analysis. “What does it all mean?” has been the real difficulty of big data, but Hyper Anna aims to create an AI that helps answer that question. Hyper Anna is an Artificial Intelligence powered data...

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