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Digital health technologies have great potential for power and improving the human condition, but recent experiences and data breaches indicate some ethical challenges. Earlier this year, The Warren Centre Executive Director, Ashley Brinson gave the opening presentation from the “Health data, genomics, and patient privacy” workshop...

In February, The Prototype reported on the Australian student who uncovered the location data of coalition soldiers in Afghanistan whose daily jog around an airfield inadvertently de-anonymised themselves through the Strava fitness app.  This week, an investigation team bought “anonymous” but highly detailed mobile phone...

The MyHealthRecord scheme to digitise Australian patient records and make them available across the healthcare system has stumbled into further trouble this week, as if last week wasn't controversial enough. The scheme has been criticised by the Human Rights Commissioner, and Liberal MP Tim Wilson has...

The Government is expected to introduce new laws in the coming weeks creating access to encrypted messaging in Australia. Commonwealth Cyber Security Minister Angus Taylor said in a Radio Nation interview this week, “If law enforcement needs access to data in order to investigate what we...

Two cases this week demonstrate that technology platform expansions do not naturally follow reasonable societal expectations, especially where data collection is concerned. After revealing that the privacy of over 87 million Facebook users had been breached, Mark Zuckerberg was this week called to a US Senate...

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