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Digital health technologies have great potential for power and improving the human condition, but recent experiences and data breaches indicate some ethical challenges. Earlier this year, The Warren Centre Executive Director, Ashley Brinson gave the opening presentation from the “Health data, genomics, and patient privacy” workshop...

  The new legislation drafts began in June.  On the last day of the 2018 Parliament, sweeping laws were passed giving ASIO and law enforcement agencies strong powers to eavesdrop on electronic communications.  The Telecommunications and Other Legislation Amendment (Assistance and Access) Act 2018, also called...

In February, The Prototype reported on the Australian student who uncovered the location data of coalition soldiers in Afghanistan whose daily jog around an airfield inadvertently de-anonymised themselves through the Strava fitness app.  This week, an investigation team bought “anonymous” but highly detailed mobile phone...

Inrupt is the name of a new open-source community. Inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee, credited as the father of the internet for his work to develop HTTP, announced a new venture recently. Solid is MIT’s decentralised web platform which is at the heart of Inrupt’s plans. Berners-Lee...

Move over MyHealthRecord. This is the biggest Big Data on the planet. Two weeks ago, Aadhaar was challenged in the Indian Supreme Court. Named with the Hindi word for ‘foundation’, the legality of the world’s largest biometric database was upheld under India’s common law as a...

Australian Human Rights Commissioner Ed Santow says, “New technology is changing us. It is changing how we relate; how we work; how we make decisions, big and small. Facial recognition technology, artificial intelligence that predicts the future, neural network computing...

Based on current data, all but 3% of Australians will have digital health records created for them as the government implements the MyHealthRecord system. The opt out phase has been open for nine weeks of a three-month notification period. Head of the Australian Digital Health Agency,...

“Click here to kill everybody” is the title of a radio presentation by Harvard professor Bruce Schneier, who studies cyber security, modern society and the internet. Professor Schneier has issued consistent warnings about connecting Internet of Things sensors and actuators to our own ubiquitous handheld internet-enabled...

Responding to public concerns, Health Minister Greg Hunt announced changes on Wednesday that will allow users of the digital MyHealthRecord to delete their electronic records profile, to manage directly what agencies can read their data and to protect records from access without a court order. In...

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