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A new California law will make it illegal for manufacturers to supply hardware and software systems with default weak passwords. Is it really such a big issue? Well, the US Government Accounting Office has discovered that weapons systems can be hacked with simple default “admin: admin”...

Facebook forced log outs for millions of users whose accounts were manipulated by bugs in the website's ‘View as’ feature. The feature, ironically designed for users to exert more control of their privacy, was exploited by hackers who copied digital log-in tokens to view profile...

At a time of rising awareness of privacy erosion, nearly every day brings a new discovery of just how much data is logged on consumer activities. The gap between online purchasing and offline commerce has been the holy grail for merchants for some time, and a...

Author Frank Pasquale examines how a new generation of corporations in Silicon Valley and Wall Street have built 'black box' algorithms to collect massive troves of data on people for the purposes of driving profit and achieving non-transparent manipulation of the public. Pasquale, a professor at...

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office is planning to fine Facebook the maximum penalty allowed for breaching privacy rules over the failure to protect user data from data harvesters such as Cambridge Analytica. The fine is only GBP500,000 (about AU$1m), but under the stricter European GDPR privacy...

The Irish High Court issued a reserved judgement this week on a case questioning the legality of the transfer by Facebook of data across European borders to the United States, a common practice touching the privacy rights of millions of EU citizens. The ruling affects whether...

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