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Researchers in UK and India have developed drones that use computer vision to identify violent individuals. If a person in view of the drone performed a threatening act, the position of their limbs and their rapid movement could be detected by the drone and an assessment...

HSC student Oliver Nicholls has taken home the top prize and $100,000 as winner of the Gordon E. Moore Award at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) in Pittsburgh last Friday. How? Nicholls, now 19 years old, designed and built an autonomous window...

Engineers at the University of Washington who developed an insect sized-robot that weighs only as much as a toothpick will showcase their technology in Brisbane next week at an IEEE conference. “RoboFly” is the smallest robot to undertake an untethered flight, relying on a laser beam...

The debate between fixed wing and rotary drone systems has continued since drones made their first appearance, and the fight is heating up. Zipline, a drone company that currently conducts over 500 blood supply deliveries in Rwanda each day, has just announced a new fixed wing...

The latest generation of military drones may deliver combat supplies, surveil targets, and even launch autonomous attacks. ASX listed DroneShield are working to deliver innovative counteracting solutions. The Lane Cove, NSW company produces DroneSentinel, a stationary mounted surveillance system that detects incoming drones with high precision,...

In a world first, a team of engineers from the University of Sydney have successfully motorised an unmanned aircraft flight with a hydrogen-powered propulsion system. The system is “triple hybrid” as it uses a hydrogen fuel cell, battery and supercapacitor combination. In another drone activity from...

Artificial intelligence, robotics, globalisation, the transformation of energy systems, the intense commercial competition in business of technology, and the rising realisation that the best inventions of the future will centre on human needs and the requirement to sustain life on this planet — these are...

Drones are becoming increasingly popular for applications in video production, surveillance and agricultural crop monitoring. The downsides to current technologies are that these drones are controlled by live humans and batteries only last 20 minutes. HiveUAV takes the benefits of drones and eliminates the cons. Featuring...

Alphabet’s Project Wing has begun a new phase of testing its hybrid drones in Australia. The project, based in regional NSW just outside Canberra, seeks to use the hybrid fixed-wing/rotary aircraft to make deliveries directly to people’s yards. Google has teamed up with Mexican food chain...

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