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The first large scale electricity storage project in Victoria is presently being constructed in Ballarat – a critical point in the transmission network. The 30MW/30MWh battery will also lower reliance on gas-fired power to fill in gaps between renewable generation power sources. The project is now...

As of press time on Friday, The Australian reports that federal Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg has successfully achieved agreement among the Labor and Coalition states to carry the National Energy Guarantee forward. The NEG maintains the emissions target at a 26% reduction on 2005...

Under new proposals from the UK energy regulator, Ofgem, the country’s electricity grid will be reformed to enable ‘flexible charging’ for electric cars. The proposed system, in which car batteries would only be charged when electricity demand is low or renewable generation is high, could enable...

Stanford researchers have quantified the substantial advantages that offshore wind turbines have over their terrestrial counterparts, with new models demonstrating they can potentially generate six megawatts per square kilometre compared to 1.5 megawatts for the same turbines on land. The new modelling suggests that the...

Two nuclear reactors in construction in the US have been shut down due to financial problems. As part of the energy policy set out by President Obama and Energy Secretary Steven Chu, the plant was intended to be part of "the resurgence of America's nuclear industry"...

After ExxonMobil announced results from its US$600m biofuel research and development program last month, Shell plans to spend as much as US$1 billion per year on its New Energies division by 2020. The company recognises opportunities with hydrogen fuel-cells, liquefied natural gas and next-generation biofuels for...

This forum will address the changing energy environment in Australia, and key considerations on the pathway to carbon reduction and renewables. It will also discuss how this change may occur to ensure a smooth transition, with an affordable, secure and reliable supply. Breakfast will first be...

A report released this week by the Clean Energy Council shows Australia’s adoption of renewable energy is going strong, with current committed projects to reach the 2020 clean energy target early. 17% of current energy demand is being met by renewables, with improved rainfall increasing...

Methane hydrate, also known as ‘flammable ice’, is a potential source of natural gas that has so far been extremely hard to extract. They lurk below the seafloor and underneath permafrost, under conditions of very high pressure and low temperature. But according to Chinese media, the nation...

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