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This Energy Forum was an insightful look into the ways in which batteries currently shaping our world, and the potential batteries have to impact the future. ...

This final Warren Centre Energy Forum for 2018 will explore the future of batteries. The forum will discuss user requirements and commercial applications in a short, industry-focussed format. Emerging battery technologies are creating a new energy future. Improvements in the materials and greater efficiencies in...

  The ABC reports that the Opposition plans to adopt former PM Malcolm Turnbull's short-lived National Energy Guarantee as its energy policy going into the upcoming election.  Energy policy has been called the “killing field” of Australian politics.  In an unexpected announcement on energy policy, Woodside...

The Warren Center invites you to: THE GREAT DEBATE The Future of Nuclear Energy in Australia DEBATE TWO OF A SERIES OF THREE AS PART OF - THE GREAT DEBATE SERIES "Australia should reconsider its resistance to nuclear energy to support renewables. Fake news?" Renewable energy continues to grow, but what...

US start-up Net Power has created a power plant that uses CO2 exhaust in an innovative way. The La Porte, Texas prototype power plant constructed last year is currently completing operational tests. The 25MW plant uses high pressure streams of pure CO2 to drive specially augmented...

The Warren Centre’s expert panel at the first Great Debate on May 24th at the University of Sydney declared that smart systems coordinating renewable energy and storage technologies will solve Australia’s energy supply problems. “Advances in demand management technology are accelerating the death of coal as...

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