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The entrance of such a massive and influential corporation such as Facebook represents a huge milestone within the cryptocurrency timeline. Whether it will spark a digital currency revolution or be the coin that breaks the market, here’s what you need to know:...

Yeah, right… The Wall Street Journal reported that Facebook has requested large US banks to open customers’ financial records to offer services via the Messenger chat application. The social media giant is seeking access to account balances and card transactions because “account linking enables people to...

The Facebook platform has long been blocked by China’s Great Firewall. But according to a Chinese government filing that the New York Times discovered this week, Facebook has recently registered a subsidiary in the Chinese city of Hangzhou. The paper reported that the subsidiary was financed...

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office is planning to fine Facebook the maximum penalty allowed for breaching privacy rules over the failure to protect user data from data harvesters such as Cambridge Analytica. The fine is only GBP500,000 (about AU$1m), but under the stricter European GDPR privacy...

Facebook's AI research team has been able to tackle one of photography’s greatest challenges: the blink. Researchers have created an AI that is able to replace closed eyes with open ones. Existing AI methods for this, such as Adobe Photoshop's Content-Aware Fill tool, are very basic:...

In a New York Times exposé this week, the newspaper revealed how a smartphone is able to access the data of 294,000 people connected to one user through Facebook friends of friends on Blackberry Hub. The functionality is not only in the online browser presentation...

The Prototype has been following the social media fiasco over the last few months. On Tuesday, Twitter announced their intention to filter out disruptive tweets in conversations as a part of their goal to promote healthy conversations. Using machine learning and policy, the social media platform...

A US federal judge in San Francisco ruled against Facebook in a recent case regarding the company’s practice of calculating and storing facial geometry biometric data, a practice forbidden under a 2008 Illinois law. Texas and Washington state also have laws similar to the Illinois Biometric...

Two cases this week demonstrate that technology platform expansions do not naturally follow reasonable societal expectations, especially where data collection is concerned. After revealing that the privacy of over 87 million Facebook users had been breached, Mark Zuckerberg was this week called to a US Senate...

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