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  A number of global scientists have proposed a resolution that would broaden the UN Convention on Biological Diversity to implore governments to “refrain from” releasing certain genetically engineered organisms into nature.  “Gene drive” is a technology that re-writes a portion of the DNA molecule so...

Using an egg and a stem cell, researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. manipulated the DNA of two mice to give birth to babies that had two mothers. The “bimaternal” mice were healthy, but bipaternal experiments yielded babies that died shortly after birth. Researchers say...

A milestone was achieved in exciting research from Imperial College London which could eliminate malaria within decades. Researchers have applied new CRISPR-cas9 genetic techniques to alter mosquitoes’ sexual development. While currently there is no vaccine for the disease that affects 216 million people worldwide, biotechnologists have...

Robotic drone? Check. Solar powered? Check. Genetically engineered? Check. DragonflEye has all the fly gear. The DragonflEye collaboration between Boston-based Draper and Virginia-based Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Janelia aims to perfect a neuromodulator technique that allows control over the motor functions of an insect. Once the...

The DNA of fatty algae has been re-programmed by US geneticist J Craig Venter and his company, Synthetic Genomics, working with ExxonMobil in a US$600 million joint venture. Using CRISPR-cas9 gene-editing technology, the new algae has significantly more lipids (oils) available for the production of biofuel,...

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